Monday, July 29, 2019

I Cannot Believe Everything About Reality TV Is On It's 11th Season!

             Over the last 3.5 there has been a whirlwind of emotions from scheduling mishaps to hitting the 50th episode, 100th episode and 200th episode. From having Larry which I know I haven't said much about him. Also having Dave in the studio to see a recording of the podcast. As you know we started out out on YouTube which you know I retired from YouTube which you know the podcast didn't have a home so you can imagine the emotion behind it leaving and trying to rebuild this podcast after nearly a year on the air on the YouTube platform. Change wasn't the easiest thing to do from the time I went straight to Audio ONLY. Obviously started on Mixcloud, moved to and the rest is pretty much history with the podcast now on 13 platforms currently. This year the podcast saw it's 10th season plus the 200th which is two accomplishments together. I honestly wasn't sure if this was going to be around this long and yes I have stated in the past month that I am burnt out from doing this too long but I am just addicted to Reality TV, I cannot stop watching the shows and talking about it. Honestly it has been a big part of my life now and being part of the Reality TV community, it has been such an amazing experience. 

              I honestly do not see Everything About Reality TV Podcast ending anytime soon, it is definitely here to stay as there is rumors that Survivor will be around up to 40 seasons at this point which they could change the format of the game so there could be a new show that spins off of Survivor down the road so I see that being a steady pace. I know I am guaranteed something down the road too. Amazing Race US I do not know, right now they have 32nd season and it is unclear if they will do a 33rd season so I am not going to jump to any conclusions right now. Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother Canada both have been doing well in the ratings minus Big Brother Canada going on hiatus for a very short time but I am sure this podcast isn't going anywhere anytime soon, as there will be new Reality TV shows to cover and yes I do have other plans in stored if this podcast ends up on a hiatus and already got alternate plans ready to go and something different from Reality TV. However I will cover that on Wednesday's post for you guys and what is in the plans etc.


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