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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Food Review [Wendel Clark's]

           I got to go to Wendel Clark's once again but this time with my friend Terry. I was going to get the Chicken on a wrap like I did before but decided to go with the original burger with cheese, onions and pickles on it. I know Pickles on a burger... yuck... However I love it! It started when I use to go to McDonald's for lunch as I grew up. I loved the pickles on it and have ever since! I also had a side of fries on the side so the burger was very gooey tender and really good. The fries were crunchy and super good! I'd give both of them 5 all day out of 5. 

            Now that's not it, we also both had a huge cookie for dessert and it had ice cream in the middle with some syrup whether it was caramel or chocolate it was good and melted very quick and you had to eat the Ice Cream first! I had a hard time breaking it up with my spoon so after the ice cream was eaten, I broke it with my hand and ate it that way. Cookie was gooey and warm a bit as it should be and had that crunch on it. I'd also give that 5 out of 5 all day long along with our waitress she gets a 10 out of 5 as she exceeded our expectations as customers plus I gave her an extra very generous tip. Anyways that is my review for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow and hopefully will have another review for you guys soon!


Thursday, March 31, 2022

South Street Burger Closed....

                            If you guys remember, almost 3 years ago before this pandemic hit us, I did a review on South Street Burger, well just recently, after the last lockdown we had here, well South Street Burger went south and no pun intended. I am really sad to see it shutdown or leave our mall here. I was looking forward to trying other burgers there and I admit that Aussie burger was the best and so yummy but very disappointed they closed up shop. Earlier this week, Eric, Terry and I, friends of mine were talking about it and Eric mentioned the Aussie burger and I couldn't remember the name of the place but I actually did a look up here on to find out what the name of the place was and it was July 25th, 2019 I wrote it if I remember correctly which is nearly 3 years ago almost to be quite honest. 

                    However I do have other ideas and there is a burrito place at the mall screaming my name to review and I have already tried something new and it is on my list for next week for the blog as I believe I did not yet review it and this could of been last year when I tried it but I  promise to get that out to you next week, hopefully Monday so I can start doing other reviews for you guys and get back to these again. However in closing it is truly sad but it is hard to get business when your in a pandemic and have to shutdown quite often due to a lockdown cause of the rise of cases and that has been the case for a lot of these stores and restaraunts and nothing can be done honestly. But that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.



Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Harvey's Food Review

            In the last week or so I have had the opportunity to actually have take out for the first time in a while that didn't involve Little Caesars Pizza outside of that to be honest. Anyways I had a Hamburger with Fries and I forgot how Harvey's tasted as it has been almost 10 years or at least 10 years since I have had anything from there. Last time I was at Harvey's was with my friends Terry aka Lobster Head (LOL) and Angie and that was after a General's Game and I totally forget what year but I remember what day and that happened to be New Years Day I went to the 2:05 pm EST Gennies Game. So it's been a while and I'd have to ask him what year but it could of been at least 10 years as I have been going to game with them on and off for many years now! Anyways back to the review as I am way off the Beeton Path so to speak. The Burger has my usual, mustard ketchup, relish, onions and pickles which these one were long and thinly cut which were cut. Which reminds me I have another throwback story how I became a fan of Pickles which I just wrote down actually so I remember this for future weeks to tell these kind of stories to you guys. 

           Now the fries were really good and I gotta admit my favorite on top of New York Fries, Mr. Burger, Wendy's fries. Yes McDonald's unfortunately did not make my list as I find those too salty for my liking as they put on a little too much and that how I really feel. Now the burger as I said had Pickles, Onions, Relish, Mustard and Ketchup and the first thing I gotta admit is the egg like bun, it had the Soft Bun Action (SBA) as Daym would say on his YouTube videos. I did drop the box on the convertible box to make sure they put everything in there and was all accounted for. The patty was so tender and juicy and the addition of the pickle action game gave the burger a definite 10 out of 10 and I need to add to my list my favorite burger places in town including the one at the mall. Finally the French Fries were crispy and lightly salted nothing too over done and I would give it a 10 out of 10. I will be back to Harvey's in the nearby future and never know I may try something else off their menu and I may just review it for you guys!


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Mr. Burger Bacon Burger Food Review!

             Yesterday, my parents and I actually ate out for once and we went to one of our most favorite burger places here in town, Mr. Burger which is a very well known establishment. Now I made a decision yesterday to change up my order for once and I actually went with the Bacon Burger which all 3 of us split Onion Rings and Fries. First of all the Onion rings once again nice and juicy and crisp as always and of course I gave it a 5 out of 5 all day long as that rating has not changed from the past review. Fries good side fries and really good as usual and of course I give that a 5 out of 5 as well. Now onto the burger side of things as I said before I got a Bacon burger which had a very nice crispy bacon as I always love it. Had the ickle pickle as Daym calls it with onion mustard ketchup and relish which is my normal toppings and condiments for a burger when we have burgers whether it is here at home or out at a place.  The burger I enjoyed every last bite and it exceeded more then what I expected. I give it a 10 out of 5 as I said it exceeded expectations. 

              Finally please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to review something different on the menu and I will be sure to do that. I really enjoy these food reviews that I do for you guys and even tho that they are not at a great length of a post still you guys get a review one way or another. Now I have not once complained about the Burgers or any of the food and been going there since I was there when I was growing up so there is no complaining to really be made on Mr. Burger. Always a positive review and honestly I do not have too many negative reviews minus *cough, cough* Pizza, Pizza and a at least one other place on my holiday travel but nothing too too bad to complain about but that is always room for improvement if I have something negative to say which is very seldom of the time. Any one last things if you guys want me to go back to Pizza, Pizza let me know on social media or even in the comments and I will go back to the Union Station and give it another shot 6 + months later.