Thursday, March 31, 2022

South Street Burger Closed....

                            If you guys remember, almost 3 years ago before this pandemic hit us, I did a review on South Street Burger, well just recently, after the last lockdown we had here, well South Street Burger went south and no pun intended. I am really sad to see it shutdown or leave our mall here. I was looking forward to trying other burgers there and I admit that Aussie burger was the best and so yummy but very disappointed they closed up shop. Earlier this week, Eric, Terry and I, friends of mine were talking about it and Eric mentioned the Aussie burger and I couldn't remember the name of the place but I actually did a look up here on to find out what the name of the place was and it was July 25th, 2019 I wrote it if I remember correctly which is nearly 3 years ago almost to be quite honest. 

                    However I do have other ideas and there is a burrito place at the mall screaming my name to review and I have already tried something new and it is on my list for next week for the blog as I believe I did not yet review it and this could of been last year when I tried it but I  promise to get that out to you next week, hopefully Monday so I can start doing other reviews for you guys and get back to these again. However in closing it is truly sad but it is hard to get business when your in a pandemic and have to shutdown quite often due to a lockdown cause of the rise of cases and that has been the case for a lot of these stores and restaraunts and nothing can be done honestly. But that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.



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