Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Studio Hopefully Opens In June?

                   The update that we have is that we are planning to have the studio open again is hopefully by June which gives things 2 months to hopefully lower down a lot more and it is safe to have my team here at the house to record in the studio downstairs once again. Both Larry and I have already talked and have 4 podcasts scheduled for June already and I can say what it is at least 3 things at the most, the other thing I am keeping quiet on right now and we have to do it on a Thursday afternoon due to no bus here on Sundays at this time and that was our normal time slot on weekends but again, no bus. However, here is what is planned:

Start of June: 4 year anniversary Podcast for Power Rangers Collab

                        Something else planned but remains a secret till we know for sure he is to return. 

Towards the end of June: Power Rangers Megaforce

                                             Power Rangers Super Megaforce

                    Now this isn't guarantee right now but this is the contiguity plan for right now and if we need to wait till fall to open up this studio we will but for right now we go right ahead and continue planning his return to studio for June and I can say, I am excited for Larry's return to the studio. It has been a long, long wait for his return to this very studio, I truly hope this is the end of the long wait that we have had to do but we get close I will make sure to announce something I'm sure when we get closer but in the meantime I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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