Monday, November 18, 2019

Pizza and Dessert From Kitchen Place Food Review!

          Now it is obvious where I was now it is 48 hours now which equals 2 days ago technically but on the way back we went to the local grocery store which had warm food and when I say warm food I mean Pizza, whole chicken, some good stuff and reasonable prices too. So I grabbed Pizza, mainly Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza which had a nice hint of Oregano which we all know is a herb and tastes great in food. Anyways the first bite that I took and it was really fresh. It was also really super soft and very delicious as well and I really did enjoy it. My thought was just like my mom's homemade pizza that she makes from time to time which next time I eat pizza will probably be on my 34th Birthday this year. Now for the rating I would give it a 10 out of 10. It was really enjoyable and I would eat the Pizza again even if my dad and I even went there I would definitely have it again especially as it was really good. 

            However for the dessert, not as enjoyable as I was not happy with it whatsoever but I ate it. I found this chocolate and with some creamy stuff inside too sweet for my liking. Now yes I have a sweet tooth but that much of a sweet tooth honestly. Both Eric and I found it too sweet so it wasn't that great. Now if it didn't have the cream on top and just chocolate in the middle of the chocolate part that probably been fine but the way they had it and it is very hard to explain to you guys what I am talking about. I should of took a picture of all the food I had but I didn't. Either way I wasn't pleased with the result of the dessert so I probably, more then likely just like Eric not too happy with the dessert. However majority of the time I'd say there are tons of things that I do like and this dessert wasn't one of them on my list along with Sushi which is one I do not like whatsoever. Either way this dessert is getting a 1 out of 10 as I said I found it too sweet and that's OK, but I will give em a 5 out of 10 the way it was presented in the container and it did look good at the time but once I took a bite, I wasn't overly impressed. I hope you enjoyed this food review and I hope to have more like these again in the very nearby future. 


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