Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Subway Food Review [01-20-2020]

              The last 2 weeks I have been out eating once a week which is fine but gained weight so yesterday's post sure as heck went to waste but hey makes me wanna work even harder. Anyways last week I was up in the north end and Eric and I had Subway and trust me it wasn't the best experience and this is my food review for North end of Whitby for Subway at Garden and Rossland. Anyways the Pepsi was watered down a bit and didn't taste overly great and the sandwich had way too much Honey Mustard on it. So for the food and drink I will be giving it a definitely 1 as I wasn't too pleased with it whatsoever and I should of said something about the drink being watered down that was my own fault and I could of mentioned but they should be checking it but that is besides the point honestly. However this is the first bad review since last summer honestly so I have good rep or and have been on a good role with a positive reviews since. Last year wasn't a good year but hoping this year will be a good.

               However in the end the service was a 5 all day as they were nice and very helpful to the both of us so it wasn't a complete failure honestly but it is what it is and I am unsure that I am going to be back anytime soon but we will see. I hope to maybe one day go back and revisit this location. That is today's post and boy I wasn't happy at all. Sandwich wasn't that bad just little too much honey mustard but what can you do. These things happen and honestly you cannot control it. Look I had 3 bad ones I hope to get a lower amount on the bad reviews but never know you could see me rant this year a few times but again we will honestly will see. I would like to go back to a couple of them honestly and that is for another time and another blog post. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the next food review tomorrow at 12 pm EST.


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