Monday, January 27, 2020

Weight Loss Upate [01-27-2020]

         I know that I have not done an Weight Loss Update for a very long time now. The last one was 3 Months ago on October 12th of last year. Yeah, that is a long time and I promise you guys to try and update you all weekly on the regular old time slot on Saturdays starting next week here on the blog. You probably think why now Chris? The weight loss has become a loss cause well no not now. It is now 2020 and my New Years resolution is to really get back on the healthy track and that is what I'm going to do. I have started to have my smoothies and my goal is to get down below 222 pounds sometime in February and beyond that. I am still reiterating that I want to get below 220 and way below 200 pounds. I think I am now very much focused at the task at hand. I am also am allowing myself to have a fat day once a a week which is fine but I was at a fine line of 226 - 227 pounds again but I can officially say I am down to 224.2 pounds which is amazing! I want to continue to lose the weight and I will keep you guys in the loop on how things are going. 

         Either way I am back on the right track with things and excited for the next step and losing even more weight and I have definitely started cutting back on things which really does help. I plan on having more smoothies at least every second day at the most which are easy to make and very healthy if you ask me. However baby steps that is the actual plan right now and if I gain a pound no big deal, I will just have to work a little harder then I guess but I am sure I will lose it but I have to remember I cannot lose the weight very fast honestly and it is not healthy to lose the weight too fast and again it is honestly one step at time. So that is where I'm at with the weight loss and I am now under way with losing the weight and let's see if I can finally get back on the right track and start losing the weight as I want to lose it really bad and this is about me really wanting for this change.


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