Sunday, January 26, 2020

Struggling With The Collaboration Podcast Page....

            The collaboration page, well let's just say the views aren't there anymore with the player. Now I know you guys have been to the collaboration page as the site views on it has been up and I think there is an issue with the player collecting the viewership as I know a people have been to the page to listen to it and people are hyped up were trying to get more collabs done between Everything About Reality TV. I have already contacted the site that we are with and honestly I am trying to find an alternate or another way so nothing really as of yet but we are looking and hope to find something since there is an issue with it if we cannot find it. I know I sound a lot calmer then yesterday morning around midnight when I was going off and complaining but I am glad I emailed and mentioned there is an issue with it and why the listens are not counting whatsoever. It has to be them for some reason I just feel that way right now. As for the Power Rangers Podcast, I have told Larry I am done for right now. This could change but right now I am just not feeling it right now with the issues but I am sure Larry and I will have a conversation on Wednesday night. We are suppose to be together but it is frustrating to not know that there is people listening to the podcast after the hard work Larry and I or even Steven and I put into the episodes we produce exclusively for here for the website.

            Do not worry we, I mean I will be continuing to work on episodes and it will be on standby and I promise you guys that we will record soon but it has gone from a studio that is in disarray still which as you know is starting to get back to normal to now having issues with the player counting listeners. I will monitor it and see but I have contacted the site so it is good to communicate with the site and after all I cannot complain as it is after all a free site and amazing website to upload audio or video archives. If worse comes to worse I will announce late week this week if Larry and I are recording or not. Maybe we have dried up and no interest but there was  an issue back in September so it is not the first time to have an issue really and it is really frustrating to be dealing with some issue and honestly I should of emailed them about the issue sooner because something isn't right honestly and I know you guys for a fact see my messages and listen in when they go up its just the player that's not registering the viewership and I wish I knew why this a problem because as of June last year we got between 20 and 50 views on the last Power Rangers Podcast. So honestly it makes absoutetly no sense whatsoever. That is 10 cents what is going on and hopefully Larry and I can finalize recording even if the views are low. Like he said in the end it is all about the views which is true. Why do it if the views are down but I got my own solution that could be the issue but we will see once I get an reply and Larry and I discuss but in the meantime, I want to focus on finishing up the notes to be prepared for the next weekend coming up.


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