Saturday, January 25, 2020

Studio Updates for Saturday, January 26th, 2020

          Well the studio is looking really amazing and excited that the baseboards is now installed and the desk being worked on in the last week it is time for some more updates as I do have some updates I can make for you guys. As I said baseboards are in and you can see it on the bottom of the picture. Also you can noticed as well that the carpet is missing and yes we removed the old outdated carpet finally and it was pretty wear and tear and from me rolling back and forth so I have worn the carpet to nothing and the wheels got stuck and for those who didn't know one of the wheels snapped as stuff from the carpet was jamming into wheels so I actually changed all the wheels. However in that corner I will be adding in a carpet not the entire room but under my desk so it's not entirely cold on the feet of myself or guests that visit the studio for episodes of either podcasts that are running currently. Trust me a cold concrete floor is cold as heck and been there since all the carpet minus what is under the desk I am still using which will have to be removed once we clear what is on the desk and I am back at the old desk.

         The next  part of the desk which I mentioned before but as you can see the top is done, it has the polyurethane paint which gives it that nice look as you can see and I am getting more and more excited to move back and have to attach some extra wood to help support the very heavy duty Monitor stands that will be holding both of my monitors up and able to move around the area.  Either way I can imagine how this space is going to be looking when its done. Finally thing I want to say is it will be sometime until I put shelving back up on there and also the green screen or the other side will not be up until the ceiling is complete and right now it is not finished right yet but I am moving back so my dad can finish the other side. Now as for Power Rangers and other Collaboration Podcast a week tomorrow well I am going to make a post about that tomorrow addressing some things that is frustrating me right now. Oh one last think to mention trim around the door and windows will have to be done as well but that is minor detail and some baseboards at the bottom at the back of the studio as well but it will be done in due time. However in time we will be back to normal and I have been patient with this and the eagerness is getting higher and higher.


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