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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life After The Studio Renovations

                  Since my space has been recently renovated and I've been back, life is great at this point. Utilizing the space on a regular basis and been working non stop and been in my studio majority of the quarantine when I wasn't upstairs watching TV or playing games. Recently added a to part of and old desk piece to my side desk and trust me it's helped me a lot recently especially with storage. I need the extra storage but really I have a ton more room then I did before which is a great thing. Honestly I have recorded a bunch of podcasts even before the shelves went up but the point is, I love this space and been taking care of it on a regular basis. Even been wiping things down like the phone with the wipes to ensure no germs on it whatsoever. Dusting and vacuuming the rug that is under half of the furniture but with our super duper vacuum it made the floor really makes the cleaning job awesome!

                  Don't get me wrong, I love this studio and there will be a ton of recording done in here! Only thing is there will not be any guests in studio at this moment and I am excited to continue to record podcasts and the future and many memories we will make with this studio. I am sure we will have a lot of new memories. It is nice to have back the studio lights that use to light up the green screen which really renders useless at this point as there is no way to hang it up with the ceiling now so I kind of wish I had my chair against the wall and the green screen against the wall unit but would of been a bit difficult and quite a setup to do. However I have adjusted to the background that I have behind my chair and gotten adjusted to it honestly. This is probably the best setup I have ever had ever have and this is probably my favorite setup out of them all to be honest!


Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Studio Update [03-30-2020]

              So here is another update for you guys. The ceiling in my area is mainly done for the most part and towards the side wall still needs to be finished. Currently we have removed the book shelves that you see on the left hand side of the pic to the right of this first part of the post. This was to finish that wall entirely and we have to paint the covered up wall as that is one of the reasons and we put in trim around and honestly It looks not too nice but we haven't finished with it yet so in time it will look a ton better and not sure what the other wall by the door it's gonna look a bit odd but I guess in time I will be getting use to it and probably will not even noticed it as normally my back is turned to the door technically.

             As you guys can see that is how far we are and I believe today we are working on the ceiling and my dad will need my help as it will be a L Shape of a piece for the ceiling. and the other part you cannot see but going at the edge you will see no ceiling and at the very end there but that is the next few steps to get done and finished. So now it is pretty much it is the finishing touches to the ceiling and then paint that one wall and finish off edging at the corners. So what I am trying to say is it's the small stuff right now that we are finishing up at the moment. However a lot more progress has been made and by Monday's next actual update, I will have a bigger update for you guys with the next progress of this reno as we are now officially 4 months into this reno going into our 5th month next month.I honestly cannot wait till this is all done and we're back to normal here.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Studio Update-- Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

                Now that there has been more work done in the past few days and I know I did this post but now I can say the ceiling here in the studio is near complete. Trust me it looks really good as I added in pics. You can see near the doorway still needs ceiling right now but this studio looks really awesome. It is truly coming along and this week we are going to finish it up and get the final touches done to the ceiling. I know there is is fixes to the wall unit and means moving my furniture around but already got a plan for that moving forward. I can admit and my dad is right it really does brighten up my work space and it is so much brighter then usual but hey what do I have to complain about. This is truly a great space now to work in.

            Either way once the ceiling is done, a week from now I may or may not have another update but I am going to make it a Sunday update if I really need to but we will have to wait and see how things go here in the studio but one job I can do is prime the wall behind me by the door as that has to be done still and I will again have to ask my dad if he wants me to do that which I can simply do as it will not take that long to do really. So this is my update, nothing too major in the way of work done it's just ceiling work as usual as this is a big job just like the walls were as you guys can remember the massive updates I gave you guys before I went "radio silent" on you guys about it. However I apologize as there wasn't much to update you guys on but I promise moving forward I will try and keep you guys up to date. I am looking forward to the final step which is the shelving but that is coming very soon.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Studio Update-- 03-17-2020

               Studio is coming along nicely, today we are working on the ceiling today but I will have pictures next week, I promise as we only have two, well 3 plus the one tile at the time of me writing this post. However it is starting to look like a studio and we will have the final strip to put the white piece up today and all we have to do then is actually get the tiles in. The next step after the ceiling is done is clean up and shelves gotta go up. Before we do any of that, we have to actually fix part of the wall as it cracked at the top due to the fact we were screwing in the edge pieces for the ceiling so we have to fix that but that is at the end. Give us till the end of next week but you never know we could have it done sooner then we expect. However with me Self Isolated in the house here which I will talk about it later on about what is going on.  Mainly it is the ceiling of the entire one side where Chris B On The Web studios is located in the basement. Anyways it is just a very long process with the ceiling work and getting it done, however it will get done and I'm sure it will be done eventually. We have had a few issues along the way but hopefully soon it will finally be finished and completed.

                 That is the update and like I said there will be another post at 6 pm to update you guys what is going with me and this COVID-19 and how I am holding up with all of this. I hopefully have another studio update with pictures as I want you guys to see the progress or at least by the time you guys get another update to have the final product but keeping hopeful this can be finished as we have been going at this for 4 months as this was quite a long process but patience is a virtue! We will have get this finished it is just getting around a round unit and the lights in here. I know this wasn't my idea to do a ceiling but least it will look nice in the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this mini update I have given you guys and I will talk to you guys tonight. 


Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Studio Updates for 01-05-2020

              I have some updates for you guys... I know its been several days, maybe a week or so now. However as you can see in the picture to the right of what I am typing yes, I am back at my studio desk, the one that has been restored with a new top to it which was easy to replace honestly. However trust me it is a heavy desk now. Now I have been back at my desk since Sunday night when I didn't have any of this setup no boom arms, side desk new stackables which I will get to momentarily and the final setup stages of the setup to the studio. So it stayed like this for a couple of days honestly and I was at what you see on the right hand side with just the monitors and there was absolutely no boom arms nothing! Just the bare bones of the desk.

Now I did move the desk to the corner as I was planning to and honestly my plan setting it back up was to be simple, have a simple setup. that is what I did there. Now in the picture you see to the left has no boom arms and yes I will get to that in a short bit. Mind you I had to go out to the Eye Doctor to get my lens ordered for my frames so I didn't have time to get to set it up so, like I said I will get to it. You can kind of imagine the process of it but big thanks to my dad for the help on the setup as he helped me setup the carpet desk and what not and honestly I kept on moving things and tweaking for hours on end but I think I am definitely happy with the setup as it is now and no regrets on my own setup.

           Finally in the 3rd and final picture is the final setup of the desk area which has the new stackables which is a ton better then what I had before which holds a lot more then it did before. Also you can see the side desk is once again back in play again and being used  again. Obviously the boom arms are setup but at this moment untested right now so I have to still do that at some point in the next week and a half as I have a podcast to record with Larry as we're only a week and a half from that which I will be addressing that on tomorrow's post. Finally I want to say the dresser yes needs the 3rd drawer put back as right now it is a broken drawer at the moment but in time I will get that repaired and fixed at some point soon. I hope you guys enjoyed this update on the studio and there is still the ceiling to finish and also putting up the shelving and unpacking stuff that is still to come but in time we will be all setup eventually. Not sure what the plan is with the curtain or the green screen is but we will see. Sorry for such a long post but I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Studio Updates for Saturday, January 26th, 2020

          Well the studio is looking really amazing and excited that the baseboards is now installed and the desk being worked on in the last week it is time for some more updates as I do have some updates I can make for you guys. As I said baseboards are in and you can see it on the bottom of the picture. Also you can noticed as well that the carpet is missing and yes we removed the old outdated carpet finally and it was pretty wear and tear and from me rolling back and forth so I have worn the carpet to nothing and the wheels got stuck and for those who didn't know one of the wheels snapped as stuff from the carpet was jamming into wheels so I actually changed all the wheels. However in that corner I will be adding in a carpet not the entire room but under my desk so it's not entirely cold on the feet of myself or guests that visit the studio for episodes of either podcasts that are running currently. Trust me a cold concrete floor is cold as heck and been there since all the carpet minus what is under the desk I am still using which will have to be removed once we clear what is on the desk and I am back at the old desk.

         The next  part of the desk which I mentioned before but as you can see the top is done, it has the polyurethane paint which gives it that nice look as you can see and I am getting more and more excited to move back and have to attach some extra wood to help support the very heavy duty Monitor stands that will be holding both of my monitors up and able to move around the area.  Either way I can imagine how this space is going to be looking when its done. Finally thing I want to say is it will be sometime until I put shelving back up on there and also the green screen or the other side will not be up until the ceiling is complete and right now it is not finished right yet but I am moving back so my dad can finish the other side. Now as for Power Rangers and other Collaboration Podcast a week tomorrow well I am going to make a post about that tomorrow addressing some things that is frustrating me right now. Oh one last think to mention trim around the door and windows will have to be done as well but that is minor detail and some baseboards at the bottom at the back of the studio as well but it will be done in due time. However in time we will be back to normal and I have been patient with this and the eagerness is getting higher and higher.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Head Is Going A Mile A Minute Right Now!

               Right now I got like 4 different things going on in my head and this is why I have been quiet overall on social media but I do update when I can and honestly this is what has been going on around the CBOTW Studios:

1) The first thing is the recent CBOTW Studio renovations I have been busy with helping my parents with the repairs to the studio which has honestly has become a full pledge reno to the space down here and we've been delaying things on and off so that is why we've been on hiatus on some of the things going on around the studio.

2) Everything About Reality TV- From recording Off Season and premiere of the upcoming new season of the podcast to editing episodes so this way you guys got episodes to listen to and today being an new episode coming out.

3) Power Rangers Podcast- The third thing on my list is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as you know it's been on a very long hiatus and recently with completing watching a season it all comes down to typing up the notes, but also in the end it is not just not that but the studio as i said above ^ and yes I used the arrow on the keyboard for it but right now we are not currently setup for a dual mic setup and right now we will be finishing up the desk, sanding it and putting the clear coat that gives it nice shine look. Also the minor things to be done, carpet removed, baseboard back up and trim installed so all of that has to be done but once the trim and baseboards I will be definitely back to normal with tons more content but right now were limited what we can and cannot do so that is the reason why.

4) Blogs- Bringing out new posts to the website on a regular basis and it has been nothing but go, go go for me with new posts and I have ideas and updates that I can bring to you guy, studio wise, podcast wise and of course website wise.

                 There are the 4 things that have kept my mind that has been going a mile a minute and obviously there is a ton of stuff going on and there is something even in the works and let's just say the past is going to come back as this has been thought of for the past while and I think now is the best time for this to happen and excited to be doing this on a weekly basis. More details to come soon to this new exciting adventure on top of what is become a  huge success. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Studio Update for 01-13-2020

            This is probably a massive update to CBOTW Studios & HQ. The walls are now complete with being put up and painted entirely. The next stage is to get the ceiling finished and covered with tiles and also the entire carpet removed as there are stains some of them thanks to my stupidity recently and let's say looks like a blood stain but it isn't just sauce I used for my burgers the other night but it doesn't matter the fate of the carpet is pretty much sealed and we are removing the old carpet is going. However today, we will be working on repairing my desk today so that is the primary goal and I am going to try and place things if possible but will not be moving back to the desk until it is actually painted on the top right now. I plan on painting the desktop so could be waiting a few more days but we need to get the trim in before anything goes back so we have to wait for that to be also be painted as well.. Also any trim that is going to be covering the wire where the WIFI is going to be so we also have that to be finished so next week at sometime I probably will be back in my old spot but again we will see what next week brings too but aiming to get things back to normal by the end of next week at the most. I was going to put up sound proofing but not sure right now but I think I will do it as I got ideas brewing in my head.

              There is the update and were getting sooo close to being finished and excited to make use of the fab space and will be so much better then we had before and yes since I do not use the green screen anymore the other side of the curtain will be facing the desktop side of things with the Green screen facing the doorway. Yes the lights I will be using as it to brighten up the space for the podcasts especially so I will still be using that for the space. I may not be broadcasting anymore but the equipment in the studio I will be using one way or another and I am planning to use the foot clicker to turn the lights on and off but will need another one when I setup Christmas lights and such a sort but that is down the road and I know Walmart will have them and that will be on the bucket light for Late Fall 2020 when Larry and I decorate the place and my parents are giving me lights which I can really deck out the place for Christmas 2020 but again that is 11 months from now so I am not going to worry about it but we will setup majority of it then we can make changes if we need to. Either way we're getting excited for the return to the space and getting things back to normal around here. Yes a formal announcement regarding a podcast is coming soon too.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

Another Studio Update [01-12-2020]

             So it is time for an update on the studio. I have been posting updates and you need to hear it from word of mouth from moi! So as you know we have 3 panels left but as you see on the right hand side that all 3 panels have been put in and I helped a tad on the first of the 3 but I was busy the last day of putting up the wall my dad finished it without my help and he ensured that he was fine without me and if he wasn't OK with it I most certainly would of cancelled my errands to help him out to finish this out. We actually got this finished before the New Year which we were only planning to finish it in the New Year so we got ahead of schedule and since January 1st we have definitely been full speed ahead since and you will see in the second part of this post today. Yes I realize my chair is in the way and during this construction I ended up having to replaced wheels on my chair cause they broke as the wheels got jammed so those got replaced. Anyways that is definitely besides the point but you can see that we moved things about and I will address one more thing towards the end of this post today.

             The second picture to the left is a picture of the walls primed with the primer and now awaits the actual coat of paint which will be happening today as you guys see and read this post, we will be working on painting and when I wrote this I noticed the wall theres a line so something isn't right and we may end up on a small road block as some of it wasn't sanded properly and there is a bump in it so I will or have told my mom on that issue. Anyways it will be all fine in the end I am just picky person I guess. Once the painting is done probably the ceiling above the space where I am going to be recording will be finishing up the ceiling then we will be removing the carpet in the room entirely with the bare floor and I will be getting a area rug at Walmart so we won't have cold feet recording. Once that is done I am going to start placing things around the room and I am probably going to move the desk to the corner even without it's top which is now off as you can see which needs repairs which my Uncle and I are going to be working that once the ceiling and rug is removed and we have things a lot more organized which Larry and I will move my stuff upstairs on Thursday and pack up my dad's records as I already destroyed one or two records so it is better safe in a box which I told him to originally but it was stuffed behind my desk but again I think I will ask for an hour of Larry's time to pack up and move things about and I am sure he won't mind hes been helping when I need it with packing up or moving things around and he did help move the ailing desk that is sitting here no top which is a throwback Thursday Story for this week. Anyways that is my update and I know it's long but hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next post.


Saturday, December 28, 2019

What Do I Expect in 2020?

             There is a bunch of things I hope for in 2020 and the New Year is only days away now and I have sometime to start to think about things through and I have honestly have been hiding a lot of things with what is upcoming for CBOTW and been a very sneaky person behind the scenes of one of the 3 podcasts on Chris B On The Web. I will get into some details on January 1st but now is not the time. With the recent staff changes in the recent week and a half, I feel a lot happier with who is on the team right now with the 4 of us involved. So without further ado here is what I expect in 2020:

1) Positivity-  This year has been a year of ups and downs, from two of my former staff turning their back on me which is fine with me. Also problems on the forefront of CBOTW from a Gaming Podcast that was in the plan was once again gone into turmoil and I promise you it is nowhere near in the plans for 2020, I already know what is on the list for 2020 and again you will have to wait till January 1st, 2020 @ 12 pm EST.

2) New Content and Team Members- One amazing thing I look forward to and again will be announcing it all and I really need to revamp that post before but not that only that but I will be adding in, well they already are a part of the CBOTW Family and both days I will be talking about it Jan 1st & Jan 2nd, 2020.

3) Friendships- With losing some friendships this year I want to hopefully find a new friends in 2020 and ones that will not turn on me but also work on the friends I got and I know I can definitely count on them to be there for me moving into the New Year.

4) Self Employment- As you know this month I started self employment for myself and this is officially start to year 0 as I have yet to reach one full year right now but that will come in December 2020 when I hit the full year mark. Either way it is exciting to be self employed and earning money on the website or even on the podcast and honestly I have been anticipating this moment for a very long time now and it has come to full circle and soon we will have a studio that will be suitable to the needs of the team.

5) Studio Renovations- Which brings me into the second last point I would like make on this blog today is the Studio Reno which is getting there and 3 more panels and the walls are fixed finally, then comes the ceiling work where the actual studio recording is going to be to put in the sound proofing and a cover over it so it is not visible but that will be in January sometime and in the New Year I have to get Larry to help me move the rolling desk and the boxes for the space out of here so this way we have more room to work on the end of the room. I hope to be done in February but no guarantees whatsoever. It will be done when it will be done.

6) Keeping My Power Rangers Podcast Return Promise- I know this year hasn't been a great year for this podcast but I am making my promise to you guys there will be 3 of them next year or the New Year coming in a few days from now. Even if we aim for a March record that is fine because I will be ready to go by then by a mile and a half, ha-ha.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Studio Update 2 [11-27-2019]

           So I have made some changes and got some unfortunate news on the desk I used for the last 5 years. So in this post I will cover everything with where the studio is at right now:

1) Insulation completed for the walls. Walls are finished with the insulation however the ceiling isn't finished and we are still needing to do the ceiling above my area where I am going to have my desk at and where all the recording is going to be done. 

2) The computer has temporarily been moved to my dad's old desk and it is quite a tight squeeze for me but it will have to do for the next while until the work is done with the space and trust me I am sure it will go fast enough I'm sure. Once my space is done and painted then we have to work on the next part.

2B) Which brings me into the point of this post: The desk I have been using for the past 5 years is falling apart, it is weak on the top and has cracked underneath. The next thing is the desktop on the right side isn't being held by anything at all so that raises for a ton of concern. 

            Once the space is painted and finished then I will decide what the heck to do with the desk or give up and buy a brand new desk for myself. However I am going to try and fix the desk and strengthen it so it can last me another year at the most before I make that decision to replace it but it is neither here or there on the decision right now that I should make the decision to make the changes right now. That will come in the next few weeks and hope to get it repaired in time for me to make the move back quite quickly. Today we got one panel installed and we will be continuing on with this on Friday so were trying to get it done several times a week and we will finish this im sure in a few weeks before Christmas but I told my dad I do not wanna move anything back till the desk is repaired so that means the monitor stands will be sitting on the side till then. There is the update and by Sunday I should be able to update with pictures to what has been done here in the studio.


Friday, November 22, 2019

Studio Renovations Update! [11-22-2019]

             I know I have been very quiet lately with the studio renovations and no real update. All I can say is right now it is a big appalling mess behind me right now.  There is pretty much very little room to maneuver right now down here with all the stuff placed to the one side but either way I cannot move too well down here but with all this mess comes one wicked kick ass studio space for podcasts. I also already know what I am getting for my b day that has to do with the studio and that is a monitor mount for both of my screens here in the studio. As you can see the walls been torn off exposing the inners of the studio walls. Still gotta tear some wall down but that is besides the point as my space comes first and I am sure the studio will be set in place for the rest of the time it is down here till I move out on my own but I am excited for the new studio and it will look 100% so much better. However I need to get a stronger and better desk to be honest as this one is a cheap Walmart one but hey it did the job for the years I have had it for!

                   So the second part of this update is if you have noticed I have been very, very quiet around social media and that is the reason is I was with my dad today dumping a bunch of crap that we didn't need that was sitting around here in the basement and also the fact that we have busted up drywall that we threw away and I am sure that isn't the last as I said there is another part of the wall that needs removal but that is coming later on and right now the focus is squarely on my space, my area is the first step then we have to work on the rest of it but either way if it takes a couple of months then so be it. So that is the update that I do have for you guys and as you can see between the podcasts and blog posts I have been a very busy person with working around the studio with my dad getting things repaired and raring to go for the next version of the studio. When I have more updates I will be sure to make another post or keep an eye out to my Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

Until Tomorrow's post, have a great TGIF!


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Studio Renovations Have Started!

              The renovations have begun here in the studio which means mass chaos and mess but the most part the mess is done as we got the first layer down minus one area but today we were or are working on the second layer of the insulation as that is the first step towards this project. The next step after that is to try and move the electrical out and I know safety first as we will have to turn off the power in here to make sure we do not hurt ourselves whatsoever with this project. Then the fun part of this project begins with us working with putting up the wooden panels up on the wall. However we are working on it, we have just started this project and it will be a few week to a month hence the reason why we have stopped production of Power Rangers Podcast till at least January when this is all done an the studio is set in place finally with the changes that are being made as were moving stuff around in here and we're excited for studio changes that coming for us. That is why I have started to put things on hold. 

              There is no ETA when I will have things back and re-setup, I hope for Mid December to get things right on track with me but we will see as there is numerous changes with the desk top especially as there is a plan for that as well. Please be patient with me during the coming weeks as we are working as hard as we can to get things back on track first before we bring out some content to you guys so studio comes first before the content comes out to you guys that is what is the upmost importance. I know you guys were not happy with the announcement that Power Rangers Podcast went back on hiatus till January but if you think of it this way you guys are getting 3 collabs next year with Larry and I so that is truly a bonus for you especially so consider this a treat as the following year, well more then likely I will be back to 2 recording sessions a year so you guys are in for an bonus come 2020 on top of all these changes that is about to happen for the website especially. Finally I want to thank-you guys for being your patience and I will give updates from time to time when I have an update to give you guys.