Monday, March 30, 2020

Another Studio Update [03-30-2020]

              So here is another update for you guys. The ceiling in my area is mainly done for the most part and towards the side wall still needs to be finished. Currently we have removed the book shelves that you see on the left hand side of the pic to the right of this first part of the post. This was to finish that wall entirely and we have to paint the covered up wall as that is one of the reasons and we put in trim around and honestly It looks not too nice but we haven't finished with it yet so in time it will look a ton better and not sure what the other wall by the door it's gonna look a bit odd but I guess in time I will be getting use to it and probably will not even noticed it as normally my back is turned to the door technically.

             As you guys can see that is how far we are and I believe today we are working on the ceiling and my dad will need my help as it will be a L Shape of a piece for the ceiling. and the other part you cannot see but going at the edge you will see no ceiling and at the very end there but that is the next few steps to get done and finished. So now it is pretty much it is the finishing touches to the ceiling and then paint that one wall and finish off edging at the corners. So what I am trying to say is it's the small stuff right now that we are finishing up at the moment. However a lot more progress has been made and by Monday's next actual update, I will have a bigger update for you guys with the next progress of this reno as we are now officially 4 months into this reno going into our 5th month next month.I honestly cannot wait till this is all done and we're back to normal here.


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