Sunday, March 29, 2020

My Mental Health Is Not Great & Updates....

            My sleep is really weird right now and probably has to do with being isolated for nearly 2 weeks now and honestly will be talking about that this week on Tuesday if I remember correctly to when that post is going up. I have found myself sleeping way to early and up during the night like I use to which I really wanna get myself back to a normal routine even with me home 24-7 recently and just hope this is over soon as I am struggling on a daily basis and I just do not know how much longer I can hold out being in isolation but don't forget I am with my parents so that gives me someone to talk to honestly. However what I really meant is I'd like to see other people as it has been hard not to see friends and even texting, IM chatting online or Discord/Skype but more in person. I kind of feel what the sims feels at time desolate not seeing other people and I am starting to sound like Sims. I know my parents been trying to keep me occupied during these tough times. I know I haven't been the most impatient person during these tough times but there is nothing I can do. I can go out for walks and plan to go to the bank with my mom to get out of my area and isn't far to go really. However I am going to more then likely stay in the car but we'll see how I feel. 

             I really haven't been too motivated to do much and trying to get the content out to you guys as much as I can and trying some new things out for the podcast. I think this week I will be taking a small break from bonus episodes but promise you guys I will get back to a every second week schedule after this week.  I am also taking my time off and I may change my time off schedule and work Monday through Fridays this way I take off weekends which means I need to keep to my schedule which is:

7 Days a Week: Blog posts
Sundays: Entertainment Man Podcast- post up the episode @ 1 pm EST
Wednesdays: Entertainment Man Bonus Podcast- Record Bonus episode
                        Entertainment Man Podcast- Record Regular episode
Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast- post up bonus episode @ 1 pm EST (Every second week)
Fridays: Entertainment Man Podcast- Sneak Peek @ 1 pm EST

            There is my timetable honestly and looks very busy but the odd weeks that I am not doing the bonus I will always be doing other content or getting that content ready but this schedule will be temporary as I think working during the week is what I need so this will all start Tuesday so tomorrow I will be off then Tuesday through Friday then off during the weekends for the time being until this "Self Isolation" is done and could be another 2 - 3 months where I will not be able to get out but it depends how quickly they can get the vaccine figured out and it will take time to make it and test it out and then administer it to everyone. So I will hang in there and I will talk further what I have been up to during self isolation on Tuesday.


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