Saturday, March 28, 2020

Updates On Entertainment Man Podcast!

           I am in need for more topics and this is not me saying I am out of ideas because I have ton of ideas in the back of my mind. However I want to get you guys involved with ideas and topics and if there is anything in the back of your mind please let me know via Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram or by e-mail However I am going to be able to sustain ideas on my own but I am totally welcoming to ideas. Remember what I said I am planning interviews with a few people on my list and behind the scenes ideas so I am going to definitely throw that in the mix. However I have come up with a few ideas and I am mentioning an Q & A for the podcast down the road and will be working on some new ideas. I am trying to edit and get a sneak peek as I again failed to post it up. I need to get that fixed and I am going to work on a schedule for myself to make sure things are done on time. Good thing I got ideas ready to go and I am ahead of myself for that department. It is hard to get things done as the studio is in full lockdown right now cause of what is going on but I am trying to limit how much I get done during the week. 

              Being a few weeks in I have noticed the topics that I am talking about is actually working and the views are up and noticed this podcast is doing well and growing the podcast rapidly fast. But that is a good thing and I feel like things are doing really well and honestly a ton better then the other podcast I ran. I am not putting down the other podcast, it was fun and yes I will be talking about it on the podcast tomorrow as part of my discussion on following my heart. Either way I think I am a lot happier now then I was before. I am always thinking of ideas and seems every time I record there an idea that I come up with when I am recording the podcast which is nuts and puts a smile on my face honestly as I know this is indeed a great idea to go with and hey least the ideas are flowing compare to when I had to do off season Podcasts but I do miss the Reality TV days but now I am in a happier place and able to get things done at a better pace and I admit I am getting more likes and Retweets on social then I did with the other so that is a good thing so I am getting excited as we get further into the season as I know I should of started in January and honestly Larry is right it was a very stressful podcast and I do not need to stress myself out.  Anyways enjoy the sneak peek this afternoon and enjoy the episode as it was a fun episode to record.


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