Friday, March 27, 2020

Been Thinking About Sports Again...

            I been thinking about this for a while and right now it is all up in the air due to the virus everything is shutdown here but essential. What am I meaning? I was thinking about actually going back to a bowling league but with the state of the world I guess it will have to be on hold for now. Anyways, I did bowl for many years in a league on Fridays and technically I left cause of certain reasons. I really haven't thought about coming back and I honestly had to deal with my knee issues and now my knees are better but I need to work on my weight which mind you an update is coming tomorrow on this and I'm really happy to say this too. Anyways back to the topic at hand last time I played I almost made the provincials tournament which would of definitely been amazing to get to that step and I truly have been so close to actually making it twice which is incredible, 1 in bowling and 1 in softball. Yes I am referring to Special Olympics as most of you know I have Autism and not afraid to say it or actually hide it anymore.

              I know that my knees are the upmost importance if my decision to return to sports but bowling wouldn't be that bad or bad at all with returning and would be nice to meet new people and actually bowl. I could go to my parents Tuesday night league so this way I can come back with them home and that is always an option. However with the state of the world I guess that has to be on the back burner for now and that's OK. I rather stay healthy and technically the bowling alleys here are closed so I am willing to wait till this all passes and it will in time. I need to remain positive through this times and and I will bowl in time and the question is when and whenever they get a working vaccine which they have been working on but it's gotta be tested and make sure it works. So when things get back to normal, then is when I will definitely return to bowling. Idea I had in the back of my mind when things return to normal, I think I will go to my parents league for the time being so I can reserve my spot for the next season and I will definitely talk to my parents at some point today.


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