Thursday, March 26, 2020

Website Is Doing Very Well!

               Not more then 2 months and the website continues to grows even more. We just 2 months ago approximately we celebrated the 50k mark with the website and just days ago we celebrated the 75k which is totally incredible and if things keeps going the way they are going we will break the 100k mark at some point this year. Another point I would like to make is we have had 4k, 5k, 6k in views so that definitely makes adds up in the viewership and I can just see it now breaking 100k. Now I even notice even around 3 - 4 am EST I am up and about and I look at the views and almost at 25 views for the day even more so I really have proved that is successful and it has proved that things are going very well with the website. I am not going to stop with promoting as promoting the website is the upmost important thing. However I rarely promote it except the daily blogs so I am guessing that it is word of mouth with the website is why the website has done extremely so well. I am not going stop, I am going to continue with growing with the website so I am not going to stop anytime soon.

                Either way I want to take the time to say thank-you. I want to thank you all for the continuous support and without you guys this website will not be  what it is today. I am excited for the future and this website has truly evolved even when there has been hard times with the podcasts and change overs of the podcast but that is besides the point, the point I am making is you guys stuck it out well the ones that didn't unfollow but I noticed a flux is unfollows on Twitter and some on Instagram but Facebook has been great but that is your choice to unfollow and I understand.  Those who stuck by me, thank you so much for being there and I know I went through a stage where I changed my display name and image on FB and Twitter but this is strictly my website and there is so much that is going to be happening for this website moving forward with a collaboration podcast in the works with Billy on top of the Larry collab that is already in the works. I can say this; even with the collaborations that has helped the numbers too so there is always ways I am figuring out how to increase the viewership on the website. I am so proud of what this site has become and just going to keep on going with it as nothing will stop me. 


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