Sunday, January 12, 2020

Another Studio Update [01-12-2020]

             So it is time for an update on the studio. I have been posting updates and you need to hear it from word of mouth from moi! So as you know we have 3 panels left but as you see on the right hand side that all 3 panels have been put in and I helped a tad on the first of the 3 but I was busy the last day of putting up the wall my dad finished it without my help and he ensured that he was fine without me and if he wasn't OK with it I most certainly would of cancelled my errands to help him out to finish this out. We actually got this finished before the New Year which we were only planning to finish it in the New Year so we got ahead of schedule and since January 1st we have definitely been full speed ahead since and you will see in the second part of this post today. Yes I realize my chair is in the way and during this construction I ended up having to replaced wheels on my chair cause they broke as the wheels got jammed so those got replaced. Anyways that is definitely besides the point but you can see that we moved things about and I will address one more thing towards the end of this post today.

             The second picture to the left is a picture of the walls primed with the primer and now awaits the actual coat of paint which will be happening today as you guys see and read this post, we will be working on painting and when I wrote this I noticed the wall theres a line so something isn't right and we may end up on a small road block as some of it wasn't sanded properly and there is a bump in it so I will or have told my mom on that issue. Anyways it will be all fine in the end I am just picky person I guess. Once the painting is done probably the ceiling above the space where I am going to be recording will be finishing up the ceiling then we will be removing the carpet in the room entirely with the bare floor and I will be getting a area rug at Walmart so we won't have cold feet recording. Once that is done I am going to start placing things around the room and I am probably going to move the desk to the corner even without it's top which is now off as you can see which needs repairs which my Uncle and I are going to be working that once the ceiling and rug is removed and we have things a lot more organized which Larry and I will move my stuff upstairs on Thursday and pack up my dad's records as I already destroyed one or two records so it is better safe in a box which I told him to originally but it was stuffed behind my desk but again I think I will ask for an hour of Larry's time to pack up and move things about and I am sure he won't mind hes been helping when I need it with packing up or moving things around and he did help move the ailing desk that is sitting here no top which is a throwback Thursday Story for this week. Anyways that is my update and I know it's long but hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next post.


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