Saturday, January 11, 2020

Google Adsense-- Not Pleased Whatsoever...

             I originally had planned an update on the studio and honestly I am not happy one blasted bit with Google. As you know I have ads on my website which I will address the future of that later on in today's blog post. Anyways the ads is with Adsense obviously and it was a mistake to sign up with them. However at least I know we did earn a bit but nothing that we were able to pocket but least we know we were earning stuff with Adsense. Now we are only able to earn money with the podcast currently due to the fact we are affiliate with one of the platforms. So were back to being tight on money but still able to earn some kind of revenue with CBOTW, the podcast just not the website itself right now as of effective this afternoon I have deleted our adsense account and moving on from that as I fixed the issue twice and still have the same issue despite I fixed it so I am done with Google all together minus this site.

              What do I mean by this, obviously am not part of the Google Adsense and honestly moving forward we are looking into other options that we can do but as for Adsense we are no longer with them moving forward with the rest. Do not forget like I said I an affiliate with one of the platforms so there is that. As you guys know that.... actually you didn't know about this but we have renewed the domain for this site for another 4 years so I am ensuring you guys were are not going anywhere with this website, it is here to stay and I do not plan on closing down shop anytime soon. This is just a minor setback and this opens the doors for new and exciting opportunities for us and we are definitely excited for what is to come next for us as there is stuff I haven't spoken about yet until I know further but soon something will be added to the list but that is for later on for us to tell you guys what is on tap. Everything seem to go wrong this weekend from all of this happening to me with the site and some other stuff to the weather not cooperating to a point I had to cancel on Larry due to the incline of weather aka Freezing rain so him and I had to cancel till Thursday when we are meeting up. So tomorrow I hope to have an update on the studio from the filling in screw holes to the primer on the wall units unless something else I need to complain or mention let's hope nothing else happens but we gotta remain positive as there is a ton of positive things going on for us currently.


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