Friday, January 10, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Page Work Gone Wrong! [What's The Plan Now?]

               As you guys know, I have been working on putting episodes on the website which is a ton of work honestly. However in the end the website page just lagged the heck out of my browser and I think it just overloaded it. So this morning I spent hours removing the episodes from the website and we have went back to the links which I think is better as you can choose what link you wanna listen from and this way it is not bogging down the website at all either and I think this is the better of the decisions. I honestly can say this was one of the stupidest ideas I had this year and I could of kept it as it is and been working on the Off Season stuff for the podcast which is coming out next week so I have wasted a very valuable time with my time and honestly I could of been typing up Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue which has been on standby recently and I need to get back to this as we're gunning hard for a February 2020 recording session for both Larry and I. Which I will have an update for you guys on the studio itself and hopefully there will be two within a  few or several days apart. Anyways back to the podcast the links are the best and it doesn't lag the entire site and actually loads a lot quicker.

             Anyways, I apologize why the page has been down for such a very long time now but it is accessible by going to and it has every all 14 links and that is right 2 of the links, Podtail and Podchaser has once again picked us back up with the podcast which is so awesome to hear! I am proud to be getting the podcast back on some of the platforms that the podcast was on despite that we were on our way out the door and I am just happy that we are now staying on the Airwaves and aiming towards 300 episodes and the 5th Year on the air. We are trying new things but in the end it is an trial and error and we made a honest mistake and all we can do is learn from our mistake and move forward. One note that tomorrow I will be recording 3 podcasts, 2 Off Season Podcasts and the Survivor: Winners At War Preview Podcast. So the page is running and if you guys see any issues please use the contact page to contact us or even try and contact us through FB, Twitter or Instagram if you find an issue. We appreciate you feedback at all times and we improve things as we see fits. I will see you in tomorrow's blog post.


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