Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Studio Update for 01-13-2020

            This is probably a massive update to CBOTW Studios & HQ. The walls are now complete with being put up and painted entirely. The next stage is to get the ceiling finished and covered with tiles and also the entire carpet removed as there are stains some of them thanks to my stupidity recently and let's say looks like a blood stain but it isn't just sauce I used for my burgers the other night but it doesn't matter the fate of the carpet is pretty much sealed and we are removing the old carpet is going. However today, we will be working on repairing my desk today so that is the primary goal and I am going to try and place things if possible but will not be moving back to the desk until it is actually painted on the top right now. I plan on painting the desktop so could be waiting a few more days but we need to get the trim in before anything goes back so we have to wait for that to be also be painted as well.. Also any trim that is going to be covering the wire where the WIFI is going to be so we also have that to be finished so next week at sometime I probably will be back in my old spot but again we will see what next week brings too but aiming to get things back to normal by the end of next week at the most. I was going to put up sound proofing but not sure right now but I think I will do it as I got ideas brewing in my head.

              There is the update and were getting sooo close to being finished and excited to make use of the fab space and will be so much better then we had before and yes since I do not use the green screen anymore the other side of the curtain will be facing the desktop side of things with the Green screen facing the doorway. Yes the lights I will be using as it to brighten up the space for the podcasts especially so I will still be using that for the space. I may not be broadcasting anymore but the equipment in the studio I will be using one way or another and I am planning to use the foot clicker to turn the lights on and off but will need another one when I setup Christmas lights and such a sort but that is down the road and I know Walmart will have them and that will be on the bucket light for Late Fall 2020 when Larry and I decorate the place and my parents are giving me lights which I can really deck out the place for Christmas 2020 but again that is 11 months from now so I am not going to worry about it but we will setup majority of it then we can make changes if we need to. Either way we're getting excited for the return to the space and getting things back to normal around here. Yes a formal announcement regarding a podcast is coming soon too.


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