Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Studio Update 2 [11-27-2019]

           So I have made some changes and got some unfortunate news on the desk I used for the last 5 years. So in this post I will cover everything with where the studio is at right now:

1) Insulation completed for the walls. Walls are finished with the insulation however the ceiling isn't finished and we are still needing to do the ceiling above my area where I am going to have my desk at and where all the recording is going to be done. 

2) The computer has temporarily been moved to my dad's old desk and it is quite a tight squeeze for me but it will have to do for the next while until the work is done with the space and trust me I am sure it will go fast enough I'm sure. Once my space is done and painted then we have to work on the next part.

2B) Which brings me into the point of this post: The desk I have been using for the past 5 years is falling apart, it is weak on the top and has cracked underneath. The next thing is the desktop on the right side isn't being held by anything at all so that raises for a ton of concern. 

            Once the space is painted and finished then I will decide what the heck to do with the desk or give up and buy a brand new desk for myself. However I am going to try and fix the desk and strengthen it so it can last me another year at the most before I make that decision to replace it but it is neither here or there on the decision right now that I should make the decision to make the changes right now. That will come in the next few weeks and hope to get it repaired in time for me to make the move back quite quickly. Today we got one panel installed and we will be continuing on with this on Friday so were trying to get it done several times a week and we will finish this im sure in a few weeks before Christmas but I told my dad I do not wanna move anything back till the desk is repaired so that means the monitor stands will be sitting on the side till then. There is the update and by Sunday I should be able to update with pictures to what has been done here in the studio.


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