Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Trains, Buses and Exercise!

             Yesterday, I got to go to out on a bus trip for the day and what a trip it was from my hometown here into Pickering via GO Train. From there I took the 223 Bayley bus into Ajax. From there I took the 216 Harwood which turned into the 224 Bus once we got back from the Taunton area. When we got to back to Ajax Go we headed back home. It wasn't much of a day but it was an outing and of course we forgot to grab some food even when we got back. But we had a donut that kind of kept us happy till dinner time. Now the 216 Harwood was my idea and actually we went by where my Aunt and Uncle lived and boy it sure did bring back memories as a kid going there for visits, Christmas/Mother's Day celebrations so it really did bring back a ton of memories in my childhood and even as an adult as well. Also we passed the street where the elementary school I graduated from Grade 8. So it sure brought back a ton of memories and Eric could see the excitement of me remembering the school and some friends I am still connected with as well. So I guess in a way it was a trip down memory lane for me. 

             Anyways that is my trip I took yesterday and one of the reasons why I was very quiet on social media and noticed this morning the Facebook Fan page gained a fan apparently but thank you. It is hard to be on social media and travelling and wish I took pictures but we just did not have anytime and it wasn't the right time but I promise to take a selfie on my next adventure around Durham. Anyways I had a good time and I am glad Eric got me out of here for the day, I really needed it with the stress and high pressure of being a blogger and he gave me the idea for this post and I know it's not a big post like yesterday but hey you guys are getting a post one way or another so it is great. I can honestly say that I had a good time and I admit to feeling depressed and when we got on the go I truly did feel a ton better as I just pretty much put my troubles at the door and enjoyed the day. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and yes I sort of made that reference to Trains, Planes and Automobiles but in this case Trains, Buses and Exercise! I will see you guys in the next post tomorrow which will be an update on the studio reno progress. 

- Chris

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