Monday, November 25, 2019

How To Use The CBOTW Chatroom!

              Now that the chat has pretty much been up for about a week now and yes it has been used you guys probably need some step by step help on the chat system on the website. Here is what you need to do to sign up. Yes there will be some pictures to help on each description which is on the right had side on the panel and it is visible to see when you arrive on the site here:

1) First you hit set name on the chatbox which can be found at the bottom and it is easy to find. 

2) Then click on that and hit sign up and if the sign up gives you an error you will have to open a second tab and sign up on 

3) Once you sign up you will have to verify it via your email so you do not lose your account at all and probably is the logical sense so you do not lose your account.

4) Now you will have to hit set name again and it will prompt you to login as we do not allow guests in the chat due to trolls in the past. 

5) Once you are in the chat you are good to go! Happy chatting! 

        Above the chatroom is some rules and it is very simple rules to follow which are:

1. No Spamming.

2. No being disrespectful including racist remarks.

3. No posting up inappropriate links.

          There is very simple rules and if we can have a fun and happy community! Both Jeff Lieberman, Corvette agree this is the best decision for the website as the viewership on the website has been up! Anyways enjoy this new feature on the website and any questions at all please do feel free to ask in chat or even send us an email if you have any and we will be able to answer Questions as best as we can. 


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