Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Head Is Going A Mile A Minute Right Now!

               Right now I got like 4 different things going on in my head and this is why I have been quiet overall on social media but I do update when I can and honestly this is what has been going on around the CBOTW Studios:

1) The first thing is the recent CBOTW Studio renovations I have been busy with helping my parents with the repairs to the studio which has honestly has become a full pledge reno to the space down here and we've been delaying things on and off so that is why we've been on hiatus on some of the things going on around the studio.

2) Everything About Reality TV- From recording Off Season and premiere of the upcoming new season of the podcast to editing episodes so this way you guys got episodes to listen to and today being an new episode coming out.

3) Power Rangers Podcast- The third thing on my list is Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast as you know it's been on a very long hiatus and recently with completing watching a season it all comes down to typing up the notes, but also in the end it is not just not that but the studio as i said above ^ and yes I used the arrow on the keyboard for it but right now we are not currently setup for a dual mic setup and right now we will be finishing up the desk, sanding it and putting the clear coat that gives it nice shine look. Also the minor things to be done, carpet removed, baseboard back up and trim installed so all of that has to be done but once the trim and baseboards I will be definitely back to normal with tons more content but right now were limited what we can and cannot do so that is the reason why.

4) Blogs- Bringing out new posts to the website on a regular basis and it has been nothing but go, go go for me with new posts and I have ideas and updates that I can bring to you guy, studio wise, podcast wise and of course website wise.

                 There are the 4 things that have kept my mind that has been going a mile a minute and obviously there is a ton of stuff going on and there is something even in the works and let's just say the past is going to come back as this has been thought of for the past while and I think now is the best time for this to happen and excited to be doing this on a weekly basis. More details to come soon to this new exciting adventure on top of what is become a  huge success. 


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