Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The 2020 Staff List

             Things have been involving and decided that both Chris B On The Web, Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast are different and decided that CBOTW is the apparent Company that produces and posts up the episodes. So the list looks like this: 

Chris B On The Web Staff:

Chris (Me)- Founder/Owner of CBOTW: Oversees the operation of the website, blogs and podcasts to ensure a steady flow in content.

Larry- Alumni/Advisor: Advisor for CBOTW and always in my ear on problems and issues that I have been having, he is my go to person on top of Eric who is a former staff but has been there with my struggle running things. 

Billy- FB Fan Page Moderation/Advisor: Billy has two roles and one of them for now is to ensure the page is a happy and safe space to be on with all the members of the Fan Page. Also he advises Chris on things within Chris B On The Web and is the only non Alum that has this role on CBOTW.

Everything About Reality TV:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Created the podcast and Produces each and every episode and is in charge of the Staff behind the Podcast.

Larry- Co-Founder:Helped Co-Found the Podcast and isn't involved with all the decision making with the podcast but knows with the changes and additions to the podcast that are made so he knows what is going on.

Jasmine- Host: The newest member of the Podcast and covers Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US when it airs on TV. Helps out with the Off Season between but glad to have them aboard the team. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast:

Chris (Me)- Exec Producer/Host: Plans, writes the notes edits the podcast so does everything within the podcast recorded twice a year with 4 episodes within a year.

Larry- Host: The Co-Host of the podcast and Chris's other part of the dynamic duo and is on the podcast 4 times within the year which I said before that's 2 sessions a year with 4 episodes up for grabs.


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