Monday, January 20, 2020

Bullying Is Not OK!

            This was inspired by a friend of mine and I cannot go into full detail what made me talk about this. Obviously I am not cool with bullying and it is not definitely not OK to do especially with people with a disability or on the Autistic Spectrum and I can say I have been bullied in the past and it is definitely not OK. Yes words do hurt and we got feelings and it isn't right. Yes you have an opinion but you do not have to be hurtful or malicious in a way and yes there is a reason behind this entire post. Bullying makes people feel bad and puts some of us into a depression. How do you think I felt being called names last year when I was ignoring the person which I had every right to in the end and it is your choice. Yes ignoring works but if you are being bullied constantly then it is definitely hard to ignore. However this day in age with social media there is that thing called a report button and block button but easy to get around with making a new account. Obviously I am a big advocate for people with Autism and as you know I have Autism but also an advocate against bullying and it is unacceptable honestly! It really upsets me to see anyone with Autism and a normal everyday person get bullied and the reason I wanted to spread my message. 

              I am open to talking about it and I just want to get my message across that I am NOT cool with people especially any of my friends that is when they cross the line and yea I do stick up for my friends, family and even the Staff here at Chris B On The Web, Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Collab Podcast, Honestly I will not tolerate it with anyone as I have said in this post it is not OK  to do. I sure as heck will stick up for anyone and I am now probably a very big advocate of people getting bullied.  In the end it is not OK and you are not alone and if you have to talk to someone then talk to someone you trust like a trusted friend, family member or someone with authority. They are there to listen and help you and I have done this in the past and truly recommend it. Remember ignoring or blocking the person is probably one of the best way but in the end also talking to someone talks. That is what is on my mind right and thank you for reading what I have to say and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.


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