Saturday, November 9, 2019

Studio Renovations Have Started!

              The renovations have begun here in the studio which means mass chaos and mess but the most part the mess is done as we got the first layer down minus one area but today we were or are working on the second layer of the insulation as that is the first step towards this project. The next step after that is to try and move the electrical out and I know safety first as we will have to turn off the power in here to make sure we do not hurt ourselves whatsoever with this project. Then the fun part of this project begins with us working with putting up the wooden panels up on the wall. However we are working on it, we have just started this project and it will be a few week to a month hence the reason why we have stopped production of Power Rangers Podcast till at least January when this is all done an the studio is set in place finally with the changes that are being made as were moving stuff around in here and we're excited for studio changes that coming for us. That is why I have started to put things on hold. 

              There is no ETA when I will have things back and re-setup, I hope for Mid December to get things right on track with me but we will see as there is numerous changes with the desk top especially as there is a plan for that as well. Please be patient with me during the coming weeks as we are working as hard as we can to get things back on track first before we bring out some content to you guys so studio comes first before the content comes out to you guys that is what is the upmost importance. I know you guys were not happy with the announcement that Power Rangers Podcast went back on hiatus till January but if you think of it this way you guys are getting 3 collabs next year with Larry and I so that is truly a bonus for you especially so consider this a treat as the following year, well more then likely I will be back to 2 recording sessions a year so you guys are in for an bonus come 2020 on top of all these changes that is about to happen for the website especially. Finally I want to thank-you guys for being your patience and I will give updates from time to time when I have an update to give you guys.


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