Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Studio Update-- 03-17-2020

               Studio is coming along nicely, today we are working on the ceiling today but I will have pictures next week, I promise as we only have two, well 3 plus the one tile at the time of me writing this post. However it is starting to look like a studio and we will have the final strip to put the white piece up today and all we have to do then is actually get the tiles in. The next step after the ceiling is done is clean up and shelves gotta go up. Before we do any of that, we have to actually fix part of the wall as it cracked at the top due to the fact we were screwing in the edge pieces for the ceiling so we have to fix that but that is at the end. Give us till the end of next week but you never know we could have it done sooner then we expect. However with me Self Isolated in the house here which I will talk about it later on about what is going on.  Mainly it is the ceiling of the entire one side where Chris B On The Web studios is located in the basement. Anyways it is just a very long process with the ceiling work and getting it done, however it will get done and I'm sure it will be done eventually. We have had a few issues along the way but hopefully soon it will finally be finished and completed.

                 That is the update and like I said there will be another post at 6 pm to update you guys what is going with me and this COVID-19 and how I am holding up with all of this. I hopefully have another studio update with pictures as I want you guys to see the progress or at least by the time you guys get another update to have the final product but keeping hopeful this can be finished as we have been going at this for 4 months as this was quite a long process but patience is a virtue! We will have get this finished it is just getting around a round unit and the lights in here. I know this wasn't my idea to do a ceiling but least it will look nice in the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this mini update I have given you guys and I will talk to you guys tonight. 


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