Monday, March 16, 2020

Chatroom Has Returned On The Website!

                 For those who didn't notice a chat tab appeared on my website and yes I brought it back as I want to grow the website further and I decided it is time to bring this feature back. Now I have Billy and Larry as moderators on the chat and there and I believe one other person. I will not be pulling it off the website this time, I promise you guys this. There is rules to follow which as follows:

1. No spamming the chatroom.

2. No being disrespectful to Staff, Moderators and other users in the chatroom, including racial slurs or homophobic remarks.

3. You can post links but no porn links are allowed.

4. No asking for mod, must earn it.

                 So please do follow them and also you have to login this is due to trolls in the past and you will be banned and will not be allowed back as we are not going to be fooling around this time. This is a place to hangout and chillout and there is absolutely not tolerance for drama as we have had to deal with quite a lot in the past week and we are just sick of this toxicity and we are trying to keep social and chat and comments a happy place to be in. Anyways you guys can find the Lounge Chat under the chat tab or at: which I am sure one of our team members is always around to chat with you guys. We are a welcoming and positive community and want to keep this place a safe and happy space to be in. So I encourage you guys to to come check it out, sign up with a name and have a fun conversation in the chat.


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