Sunday, March 15, 2020

I've Learned A lot Recently and Some Big News!

              You know now being a few weeks later after Everything About Reality TV Podcast ending, I can officially say I have learned a lot of about myself after having some time to reflect on things and think things through and I was clearly right, I was in the right path when it came to my thoughts about Everything About Reality TV Podcast ending last year when it was suppose to. It was my gut and heart telling me something and I failed to ignore it when I still tried to continue on. Now that I am doing my own podcast and weekly not this insane 2 - 3 I was on... LOL. I am thinking a lot clearly and a lot more happier now with my own podcast. If you think of it, my heart wasn't in the Reality TV Podcasts anymore, my heart was out of completely and I was clearly unhappy in that environment. However in the end I can be proud of 4 + Years, 12 Seasons and over 240 Episodes. Now I can move on and the positive thing out of all of this experience is I can really put my effort into this new podcast and also into the Power Rangers Collab as I announced on The Entertainment Man Podcast and if you missed it well.... keep on reading to find out. 

                What I am trying to say is I can do a lot more then I could before and able to put my entire effort towards the two projects and honestly I think weekly podcasts is what I need really. Between I am working on the collaboration podcast with Larry and I. I want to say something about this but you guys have to wait oh what the heck, what Larry and I are expanding on the Power Rangers Podcast with 3 recordings and 6 episodes a year which is a ton more and it will help grow the website itself with the views as well. This is something I never had before was time. I just had rarely anytime to work on Power Rangers Podcast but now I got all the time in the world now! I am quite happy about this and today Larry and I are talking further about the future of the collabs. We're excited for the future of the website and happy to have both Larry and Billy helping with moderation on the fan page and also Larry with the Collaboration Podcast. Trust me the entire 20 minute conversation him and I had on discord was all about the collab him and I have been doing for nearly 2 years now! He has been pushing for more of those as we enjoy em and it is truly so much fun. In the end I did the right move and life is so much easier now. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.


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