Saturday, March 14, 2020

Super Girl (Season 3) TV Show Review

               Here is my Season 3 review of Super Girl and trust me not my last as I am darn well hooked still for some odd reason.I will get into that as you guys keep on reading on this post today. Now I know this season we saw no more Cat Grant but on the TV at the start of the season but I thought CatCo Worldwide Media was sold but then again Lena Luther bought it and James was like the CEO or the one that runs things in the office. Also saw the departure of Mon-El but of course Eric told me I could expect him back and boy he was right! Also when he came back his wife came back to the present day with him to help the DEO so it made for quite an interesting duo. Also Brainy aka Brainiac was a big help to them during the season. Also the 3 world enemies or whatever they were as this season was very recent as I just finished it yesterday actually but it slipped my mind. Well Pestilince was quite a pest and also Reign which I guessed right that Sam was Reign from the very start when they introduced her in the season. Also how they fought to get Sam back which they did and Reign returning one last time before she was killed at the end. Also we saw J'onn J'onn step down as the Director of the DEO and also Alex became the new director of the DEO. Also Winn left for the future with Mon-El and his wife. Oh I almost forgot to say I thought Kara's mom and dad died when Kryton exploded but she survived and on a planet.

               That is a small summary, of some of my favorite moments in the season and I definitely give this season another 10 out of 10 because it was full of action pack. Yes there was some really odd parts to the season but I am getting use to odd ends and outs of the show but still really enjoy it. Now the ending has given me that hook to continue and originally and I admit to saying it out of my mouth to my mom that I wasn't going to continue on with the series but hey I am hooked and I am going to continue on with the show even if it does get a bit odd. I am very fair with giving TV Shows a fair chance and I am usually like this where I am able to give it a shot. Either way another great season and now taking a bit of a break for a while so I can get Power Rangers Time Force going for another collaboration podcast in June which has priority right now. Don't worry probably by the fall I will start the 4th and 5th season and get caught up for the 6th season if they decide to do a 6th season. I get right through em very quickly but maybe by August I will be into Season 4 then followed by Season 5 but I shouldn't get too ahead of myself honestly.


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