Friday, March 13, 2020

Blog Post 900! What A Ride It Has Been!

            When I started to blog fully it was a long way back and if I go back to the first blog I did was March 25th, 2015 about a week after my aunt passed away, I posted up my first ever post and back then the blog was embedded to the original when I had the domain back in the day and was with that other website that seemed to have a grudge against me and suspend me twice for no apparent reason. Anyways I posted very little at the start but when I went on my own and YouTube became a thing of the past for me I went into blogging full time and I actually enjoy going to events which I need to talk to you guys about that this for this with Co-Vid19 currently going on. It has been a long journey and I have come a long way and in the past 5 years almost as the 5 year anniversary is 12 days away which I will do a post about it but I have gotten better at writing posts and better at my writing. I am lost for words to actually be at this amount of posts and it has been a crazy posting up on almost a regular basis.

             Now I am 100 posts from the 1,000 (1K) mark and I should do something special for that and I do have ideas right now that I can do but that is 100 days and probably during the summer or early summer when I hit the 1000 mark. Either way I am proud of myself for the way I have improved things and grown as a blogger. I enjoy going to the events and talking about various things and moving forward I plan on continuing on keeping on what I am doing the same and not make anymore changes at all to the way I am doing things. I think I am very content with the way things are and just happy with the way things are. If that is the way I am happy then I  am going to leave things as it is and not change a thing but this year there might be changes with events but sometimes I have to go with the flow of things especially with everything that has gone on recently.


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