Thursday, March 12, 2020

I Never Told You Guys This!

              Last month, the website saw a brand new record as you know the website itself get between 2000 and 2600 views but last month we saw massive more amount. We saw 4000, yes 4k in views on the website which I didn't tell you guys this the other day when I made the announcement 2 days ago. Anyways it a lot of views within the month and I am quite impressed. I guess the next step is 5k in views? Who knows but I am not rushing anything really. Like the quote says: "You Cannot Rush Greatness" which is totally right and you cannot push the issue. However I have been working so hard on growing the website and even today when I just saw I was just tad below the 100 mark which means I have gotten views, so you guys are always checking to see if any new content is published on the website which is great! There is a few new pages that I did forget to mention The Entertainment Man Podcast and Archives Pages but you guys have found it I'm sure in the drop down. 

             However I am getting off topic, the growth on this website has indeed been impressive and let's just continue to keep on growing the website and bringing in new content to the website. I also am planning something else that will even bring the numbers up even more and yes I am referring to the Power Rangers Podcast as there is an announcement that I will be dropping on the blog on Sunday as both Larry and I have talked yesterday for about 20 minutes about this and I will be announcing it on Sunday. Anyways the point is this announcement will be a big move not for just Larry and I but also for the website which will be bringing in more numbers and even more growth to the website. So that is what is going on with the website and I know it's exciting that we have marked another milestone. There will be plenty more of milestones and this is only the beginning for the website.


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