Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Super Girl, Season 2 Review

                So I have been holding this off almost an entire week but here is my thoughts on Season 2 of Supergirl. I have my thoughts on this season of Super Girl and I kind of started to sense Cat the Media Mogul of CatCo was on her way out and James was going to take over.  It was honestly another good season and I didn't know the actor who played Mon-El is married to Melissa Benoist who plays Kara Danvers aka Super Girl. That I found out by researching it online. Anyways the one enemy, Live Wire was one weird character but seems to be a memorable one that's for sure. I love the fact they still did the intro up to the 3rd Season of the show which I will get to in another post which is for another day. The show still shows the same action pack as always and always exciting to watch and the more I watch, the more I am hooked even more. Now the end of the season was exciting not just cause Superman shows up at the end (Sorry spoilers to those who never seen the show.) Winn finally joining the DEO was really neat to see as he is after all a computer nerd in the show and knows a lot of things. Live Wire, her character is quite an interesting character that's for sure.

               Anyways I will give this season a 10 out of 10 once again and excited to do the 3rd review this weekend maybe Friday but again it will depend when I finish season 3 of Supergirl this week and see how things go but the 3rd season will be the most important thing to do right now before I start working on Power Rangers Time Force, but you guys know I will probably watch Season 4 but my mom told me it gets really weird but either way I still enjoy this and going to give it a shot one way or another. I don't mind the weirdness of some of the episodes but I am more for the action which is one of the reasons I do enjoy the show. However I will eventually catch up and get up to speed on things. Anyways I hope you enjoyed some of the highlights and my thoughts on the season and look forward to reviewing season 3 sometime this week or during the weekend.


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