Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Couple of Updates I Want To Give You Guys!

                The last 24 hours has been a lot of drama but it will not be tolerated as I was extremely stressed out all day yesterday. I almost went on a Leave of Absence but it wouldn't had made sense as the blog and social media pages would be pretty silent.  I just do not want to go silent on you guys and I want to stay as active as possible. So that is the first thing I wanted to tell you guys. 

-  The next thing is some great news! I am officially got access to ITunes PodcastConnect and able to login again. Switched the information incase this happens again. So what I have done this morning is go ahead and submitted The Entertainment Man Podcast to the platform for approval so we will once again be back onto ITunes.

- Also the second thing I want to tell you guys we officially got approved onto TuneIn.com as I got the confirmation email in the CBOTW Email this morning so that is great and hope to have a full update soon on the platforms it is up.

- The third thing is the issue with Google Chrome it was our Chrome here in the studio that was the issue we were having and it was us and we are working around the clock to fixing that as right now we are using Firefox while we try and correct this issue.

- Finally we surpassed 70,000 (70K) here on the website which is incredible growth to the website and I never thought within a year of having the .com domain it would become so huge thing and it has done extremely well for us and we want to continue to grow and get bigger as we continue to grow this website. We get over 100 views a day and it continues to grow each and everyday.

               Those are the updates and what has been going on and I am feeling a tad bit better and today will be about my mental health today and getting back to a happier Chris. I know I am suppose to record today and I am going to try to even if it is this evening I will try and record so I can edit tomorrow throughout the day tomorrow and get that preview ready for you guys as I enjoy posting those up every week and  you guys seem to really enjoy getting a sneak peek and I plan on continuing with those to hype you guys for Sunday!



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