Monday, March 9, 2020

Platforms You Can Find The EM Podcast On!

             I know it is currently still early stages for some of the platforms for the podcasts but this is the platforms you can hear the podcasts on and the ones I am waiting on to fix and get up. Hopefully by end of the week, I will have more of an update on it all. I know it's only a week old and were moving fast pace right now as we have replaced Everything About Reality TV and honestly haven't had time to process things much but sometimes I work well under a fast pace. Anyways here are the updates:

Podcast Accepted Onto The Platform: (Automatically as that is where the source of the RSS Feed):




Platforms Still Waiting On:

ITunes: Having issues with login which I will explain on a podcast one day very soon! No real issues, just waiting on being approved to be on once again.

            There is the list and I want to start small then grow on other platforms as I continue on growing on this podcast. I gotta start small then keep on growing. Now I did say I had a few issues with a couple of the platforms and I will be working on that this week. There is always tech issues when starting something new and I will be working on tweaking my sound this week and making the quality of the episodes even better. Also been thinking of bringing the podcast to Video but I just do not know about that really. I have my reasons behind that too. I will let you guys know by the end of the week if we are on other platforms and I have updated: with all the links as at the time when it went up yesterday, we were only on one platform but yesterday afternoon we started on more platforms. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at anytime. 

- Chris

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