Sunday, March 8, 2020

Woke Up Excited For Today!

              I have been up since nearly 4 am this morning even with this Daylight Savings time but I just couldn't sleep anymore. I am just excited to put the podcast up on the platform and yes I said Platform as there is only 1 platform at this time for the podcast. We are starting out on a singular platform, I am just excited to dive in and talk about Leisure things and nothing Reality TV on this podcast. I just needed this change and this morning I am just excited to post it up it going up and what you guys think of the first episode. Note I did go back to bed for a few hours but up in time to be at my niece and nephew's hockey game but will promise you guys I will definitely do some celebrating for the first episode going up with a favorite beverage of mine. That is a true promise and this is just the start of this podcast and I am excited for the weeks to come as I know the ideas that I have for future weeks coming up so I have a ton new ideas what I can do and what not. For now you guys have to enjoy the current episode. Also you guys will find the podcast on different networks but that is for a later time as right now we are just getting into this new podcast but I can tell you this week I will be working on things to get them on the platforms I mentioned.

             In the end I am excited and already getting podcasts put onto the different platforms as we speak and we are working hard to getting them on the platforms we want to put them on. I am starting small all over again and I honestly have done well even on my own without help of people and managed to work well. Yes I will still collab with Larry, he's not done me wrong recently and there is just way too much drama right now and me being a solo is the right thing and I am a lot happier today. I still got 2 moderators on the fan page to help make sure the page is smooth sailing from here. Either way we're still tweaking things around CBOTW and  in time we will be on a good pace. Also I got something in mind for a second podcast and possibly me being a Co-Host on but you will see in a later time. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I am sorry I am really late but I had my niece and nephew's hockey game which was an interesting game but another story for another time, maybe Thursdays Throwback Thursday Story perhaps. 


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