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Friday, August 20, 2021

What I Wanna Do With The Studio In The Future?

                With the rumors of CBOTW Gamers Podcast eventually coming back possibly, not 100% sure as there are other reasons behind that I didn't explain which I am not going to talk about publicly as I do not wanna discuss it. However my computer is aging and getting really old for computer years and I am already planning for the future of this studio whether this podcast happens or not, I still need a computer for recording and honestly this one is slowing the heck down. Anyways this is what is planned with this new PC:

- 3rd Monitor: Yes it is quite difficult to stream or record with so I am putting the money forward on top of the cost of the computer which could be up to 5 grand or more plus another 2 - 4 hundred dollars for the monitor and also the monitor stand for 3 monitors since I am expanding on the screens and will be the 3rd and final screen as I do not wanna get too exotic. 

- Possibly upgrading Larry's Mic: I have had Larry's mic for quite sometime, years since probably 2015 at this point and eventually I wanna have both mics the same mic, AT2020 Condenser Microphone. Do not worry the Audio Technica PRO31 will remain in my studio and not going anywhere anytime soon. However I plan to do that soon before that happens and it will happen probably after Larry is able to return to the studio.  This is a possibility and not 100% sure at this moment. 

                   That is the update of when I get the computer and even before and I am excited for the future of this studio and yes I will continue to give you guys updates on the studio and the changes I make. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post and yes it was I guess it was a part 2 of yesterdays post but now you guys know my entire plan moving forward and I can say this, I am excited for the future! Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday! 


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Studio Updates [08-18-2021]

                    Got a bit of an update to the studio. I have made a couple of changes made to the studio and the first one was the purchase of a brand new USB Mixer. Now I had a BUS Mixer originally the Samson MDR624. As you guys know the wire popped out of the end and the reason why there was a problem with it and I couldn't get the wire replaced so the Mixer was thrown out as it wasn't usable anymore so I ended up buying this mixer and to be quite honest with you guys, I love the mixers with the fader its so much easier to actually and the knobs are not a problem with my fat fingers hitting the knobs so it made it very difficult to actually turn on mics and what not but what matters now is I have the Behringer x1204 USB Mixer. I can also say I love this mixer. My favorite one that I have had over the years out of the 3 mixers I have owned.

Now the other thing that has changes is the microphone is repositioned into a up right position almost.  Also you probably seen on the microphone the mic flag with the CBOTW logo. I have had that for almost 2 months now and it looks so professional within the studio and I have really up'd the studio look and I continue to up the studio and things continue to look amazing and I can say this is definitely a professional setup now. I would like to add another screen to my setup eventually and will to add the additional screen to the studio and would spend the extra money to get it but we'll see how I feel and maybe I will and it depends if I wanna add in a 3rd and final screen. I'd have to find another mounts for the screens as this one has 2 at this moment. Anyways that is today's post, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Studio Has Been Tweaked a Bit Again!


            The ChrisBOnTheWeb Studios has once again been tweaked and I will explain what I mean. First of all the boom arm I was using for the microphone that is in front of me well that boom arm broke and I had to replace it with Larry's which Larry's is now totally replaced with a newer one that is shorter then what it was and really he don't need overly a long boom arm as I showed on the right hand side it's not a big boom arm but hey he has a boom arm. Yes he still has the old Audio Technica PRO 31 hand held that hasn't changed whatsoever. Reason you haven't seen it in my Facebook and Instagram Stories before it was brought back out is because I had it stored away at the time and it is now back in the studio awaiting his return to the studio whenever that may be as we really do not know. That is change # 1 that I made to the studio and I will get into the next change in a moment but I wouldn't have any other way to actually have Larry's mic and if this boom arm breaks I may just end up getting a microphone stand but I really think boom arms are just better to have as you do not have to move it around that much. 

The second update to the studio and yes you can see Minecraft in the back drop which I will have an update eventually but I am talking about the headphones, yes there are now mounts on the desk unit and now we can hang up the headphones properly and there was actually room for two headphones actually so I could of just got the one but that's OK! They have their own set of mounts for both headphones and the one nearest to where I sit I also use for the Red Headphones which is used on a everyday use. So either way they both are used regardless and look way cooler then it being piled up on the desk and I consider these mounts a definite space saver and I got these on Amazon $2.72 Canadian which is not bad whatsoever and very, very cheap. Don't worry they are very strong in the way of strength as their heavy duty metal but definitely a space saver for the headphones and I got more room to do other things on the desk. Anyways that is my post for today and I am sorry if I am a bit late then the normal scheduled post but I got distracted this morning recording the podcast and tweeting about BBCAN9. I will talk to you all on tomorrow's post!


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Re-Branding Myself And Making Changes To The Studio!

              The last 2 days, I have been re-branding myself and the CBOTW Brand as you know I am on my own right now. This means the banners have been re-done. I made my motto "Creating Quality Content, Since 2005!" and you probably wondering where part of that motto came from, huh? That came from my original team, The Video Projects Team which I pretty much ripped off my old motto but I kind of wanted to go back to the sort of the old motto so you will see that across the website here and also to the social media's Facebook Page and Twitter. Part of this rebrand I was thinking about honestly was thinking along the line of cancelling the fan page and moving all the fans to a group but I started thinking the people who really care about my content and there is a ton of you who really enjoy the content even the video content on Facebook and Instagram and when things get back to normal and Larry get's his butt back to this studio I wanna do those taste tests him and I were gonna do as we have some on our list. Even food reviews in video style. as well. So Social Media has a big part in all of this.  The content is not changing with this change, still got "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast." This is on top of blogs too and also the video content I wanna give you guys as well on both Facebook and Instagram. 

                 The next part of today's post is the studio changed a bit the side of the desk is where Larry is sitting there and his mic is now in the corner and it is easy to see the guest and it would be easy to slap a camera to his chair actually but we are slowly coming along. I originally was planning to make some changes where the guest would be behind the desk but this means changing the setup and the layout and me fixing the walls of holes from the shelf which would have had to been removed and moved over and the side desk, not sure where it would of gone whatsoever. There are a lot of cons of changing things around and where the wires would of ended up going with the PC below the desk so a ton of questions to what would of happened. I know, I know, get on with it! I split the lights up two above my head in front of me and two on the left side way above at the top and it really lights up the space. My uncle is going to help me and look into LED lights for those lights and I am sure the lights will be a ton brighter then they are right now. Either way I am excited there is a way for LED lights in the very nearby future. Those are the changes with the rebrand which mind you I am done with Rebranding CBOTW and the studio I am happy with the setup now then I was before. Anyways I will see you guys in the update blog tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Life After The Studio Renovations

                  Since my space has been recently renovated and I've been back, life is great at this point. Utilizing the space on a regular basis and been working non stop and been in my studio majority of the quarantine when I wasn't upstairs watching TV or playing games. Recently added a to part of and old desk piece to my side desk and trust me it's helped me a lot recently especially with storage. I need the extra storage but really I have a ton more room then I did before which is a great thing. Honestly I have recorded a bunch of podcasts even before the shelves went up but the point is, I love this space and been taking care of it on a regular basis. Even been wiping things down like the phone with the wipes to ensure no germs on it whatsoever. Dusting and vacuuming the rug that is under half of the furniture but with our super duper vacuum it made the floor really makes the cleaning job awesome!

                  Don't get me wrong, I love this studio and there will be a ton of recording done in here! Only thing is there will not be any guests in studio at this moment and I am excited to continue to record podcasts and the future and many memories we will make with this studio. I am sure we will have a lot of new memories. It is nice to have back the studio lights that use to light up the green screen which really renders useless at this point as there is no way to hang it up with the ceiling now so I kind of wish I had my chair against the wall and the green screen against the wall unit but would of been a bit difficult and quite a setup to do. However I have adjusted to the background that I have behind my chair and gotten adjusted to it honestly. This is probably the best setup I have ever had ever have and this is probably my favorite setup out of them all to be honest!


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Studio Updates Are Coming!

              As I probably have heard through social media, this studio is an appalling mess right now with holes and is in need of dire renovations. I have spoken to my uncle and he has actually recommended wood board which probably even better then drywall and at a more of a reasonable price to get done and I do not know if I am able to paint it but it wouldn't matter as the studio is in the basement. Also as you know my desk is need of a bit of refurbishing and going to add on the top to make it bigger desk top and trust me it was be a very strong desk once we fix things up. I also think there will a hole for wires to go through as it will be easier and the wiring below right now it is a mess which that will also be changed up as well. It's  friggin mess underneath. Also may as well mention this as well there will be a shelf build underneath for the tower but it will have to be definitely build to hold it up as it isn't light as it has all the stuff inside it. Also this week, I am getting a new chair as this chair is definition of broken... Another blog post for another day. 

                I really am not sure what else to say but once the desk is built, I am planning to do the rotation once the walls are repaired as well but again that probably will not be till next year at sometime but once that is done, the desk will be rotated around and the whiteboard will be moved around the desk will be against the south wall. I am not sure where the white board is going at this moment and also I want to add into the studio is a cork board as well to hanging up pictures my niece and nephew have made for me in the past years just hopefully I can end up putting everything I want but beggers cannot be choosers.  On tomorrow's blog post I will be discussing the podcast setup with the microphones and yes I said microphones and also the mixer and basically the setup for the podcast and the way we are planning on getting the setup done. I do want to change the way the things are setup for the podcast and yes I will be mentioning and bringing up the other microphone.