Sunday, February 10, 2019

Studio Updates Are Coming!

              As I probably have heard through social media, this studio is an appalling mess right now with holes and is in need of dire renovations. I have spoken to my uncle and he has actually recommended wood board which probably even better then drywall and at a more of a reasonable price to get done and I do not know if I am able to paint it but it wouldn't matter as the studio is in the basement. Also as you know my desk is need of a bit of refurbishing and going to add on the top to make it bigger desk top and trust me it was be a very strong desk once we fix things up. I also think there will a hole for wires to go through as it will be easier and the wiring below right now it is a mess which that will also be changed up as well. It's  friggin mess underneath. Also may as well mention this as well there will be a shelf build underneath for the tower but it will have to be definitely build to hold it up as it isn't light as it has all the stuff inside it. Also this week, I am getting a new chair as this chair is definition of broken... Another blog post for another day. 

                I really am not sure what else to say but once the desk is built, I am planning to do the rotation once the walls are repaired as well but again that probably will not be till next year at sometime but once that is done, the desk will be rotated around and the whiteboard will be moved around the desk will be against the south wall. I am not sure where the white board is going at this moment and also I want to add into the studio is a cork board as well to hanging up pictures my niece and nephew have made for me in the past years just hopefully I can end up putting everything I want but beggers cannot be choosers.  On tomorrow's blog post I will be discussing the podcast setup with the microphones and yes I said microphones and also the mixer and basically the setup for the podcast and the way we are planning on getting the setup done. I do want to change the way the things are setup for the podcast and yes I will be mentioning and bringing up the other microphone. 


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