Saturday, February 9, 2019

Getting Excited For Big Brother Canada Season 7!

            I had a hard time coming up with a topic for today's blog post then I kind of thought why not talk about something that I am excited that is coming up, which is Big Brother Canada 7 which only weeks away from starting and there is several reasons why I am excited for this season. I really didn't think this season would come so fast as we are close to wrapping up Celebrity Big Brother US, Season 2, it is getting me excited for the 10th season of "Everything About Reality TV" which is a podcast I recap Big Brother Canada on and does well each season and it is exciting I am recording my 10th season right when Big Brother Canada airs too! Another reason I am excited for the show to be returning is the fact I will definitely have the opportunity to go to 1 or 2 evictions during the season with both Dave and Larry as well, we are planning to get tickets for the 3 of us and trust me Larry will love it as this will be his first time going to an eviction. The last part of why I am excited for Big Brother Canada is of course when it comes down to the season finale of the show, both Larry and I get together and he stays over 😒 and the reason why I have the un-amused smiley is cause he wakes me up during the night with his insane snoring but this year we are upping the ante and Dave is coming by for the finale this year and also he will be possibly staying over the night too but depends but he could just stay for the finale but that hasn't been determined which the 3 of us gotta discuss it in about 2 months from now.

             Either way I am totally excited for this season and spending some time with friends watching the show, going to evictions for the show and travelling especially into the big city for the evictions. This is a very busy season for me from evictions, to being with friends for episodes, recapping the show, i certainly do not have a lot of time on my hands for a social life as my eyes and ears are on the feeds 17 - 18 hours of the day with sleep, eating as well but it is worth the time here in the studio and I am so eager for this season to start as my worlds are about to collide. This is why I enjoy what I do with the podcast, the interaction with the fans etc! Bring on BBCAN7! Let's Gooooo!


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