Friday, February 8, 2019

There Is A Reason Behind Everything!

            When I do things involving Chris B On The Web, I do it for a specific reason.  Sometimes things do not work out to plan such as yesterday having a nasty fall hitting my head and hurting my shoulder if non of this happened I probably would of had the Survivor Edge of Extinction done but again there is a reason behind everything and I had to take care of myself first to make sure I didn't break anything or end up with a concussion so that had more importance and I do feel bad as I promised I would have it ready a week in a advance but sometimes there is a reason behind things and yesterday I wasn't meant to record the Season 10 premiere. However, yes I know I promised and I discussed it on Twitter this morning when I woke up after a rough sleep and honestly I do know what I was thinking, recording it way in advance, because honestly it probably wouldn't make any sense whatsoever, especially if one point I'm better as I am starting to get better from this cold, to being sick, it would probably confused you. So it works out and planning to actually record that one either Monday or Tuesday of next week as I will have plenty of time before next Friday to posting it up. Another example of there is a reason behind everything is my cold that I am currently fighting I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to record but luckily it was at the end of this week which does help me a lot and gives me plenty of time to rest up and get better and yes I am finally feeling better finally!

            Sometimes things happens like yesterday and with me being sick it wasn't meant to be and yes I realize the show much go on and I probably jumped the gun on preparing for the 10th season as it is a week away and right now I got 3 episodes before the premiere of season 10 goes up for you guys so I think I went warp speed on myself and it is not good on the stress levels, like I have said many times, I have a busy schedule and I just cannot jump the gun. This year is about me listening to my gut and trying to stay on schedule but for me to get ahead of myself, might be the wrong move. Like the title of today's blog post is everything happens for a reason and I just gotta go with the flow of things sometimes.


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