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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Getting Excited For Big Brother Canada Season 7!

            I had a hard time coming up with a topic for today's blog post then I kind of thought why not talk about something that I am excited that is coming up, which is Big Brother Canada 7 which only weeks away from starting and there is several reasons why I am excited for this season. I really didn't think this season would come so fast as we are close to wrapping up Celebrity Big Brother US, Season 2, it is getting me excited for the 10th season of "Everything About Reality TV" which is a podcast I recap Big Brother Canada on and does well each season and it is exciting I am recording my 10th season right when Big Brother Canada airs too! Another reason I am excited for the show to be returning is the fact I will definitely have the opportunity to go to 1 or 2 evictions during the season with both Dave and Larry as well, we are planning to get tickets for the 3 of us and trust me Larry will love it as this will be his first time going to an eviction. The last part of why I am excited for Big Brother Canada is of course when it comes down to the season finale of the show, both Larry and I get together and he stays over 😒 and the reason why I have the un-amused smiley is cause he wakes me up during the night with his insane snoring but this year we are upping the ante and Dave is coming by for the finale this year and also he will be possibly staying over the night too but depends but he could just stay for the finale but that hasn't been determined which the 3 of us gotta discuss it in about 2 months from now.

             Either way I am totally excited for this season and spending some time with friends watching the show, going to evictions for the show and travelling especially into the big city for the evictions. This is a very busy season for me from evictions, to being with friends for episodes, recapping the show, i certainly do not have a lot of time on my hands for a social life as my eyes and ears are on the feeds 17 - 18 hours of the day with sleep, eating as well but it is worth the time here in the studio and I am so eager for this season to start as my worlds are about to collide. This is why I enjoy what I do with the podcast, the interaction with the fans etc! Bring on BBCAN7! Let's Gooooo!


Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 is The Year of Success!

              I was reminded by my friend Dave, that I've been on a crazy adventure, from YouTube to the Audio ONLY Podcasts and this has been a dream of mine which has truly become a dream come true and I am doing something I am very passionate about and I can consider myself a super fan of Reality Television as I live and breathe it each and every week especially with me doing recaps several times a week and who'd think it would become very popular. I do got plans for the fall, adding another TV Show to the list of the recaps but that is for later on to add. This year so far has been so successful in the last year and 5 months of the podcast running on Audio ONLY, it is so surreal to watch a podcast become a success, not only the podcast but the blog posts and interviews I have done with people, it's become such a wild and crazy adventure but I love every moment of doing it. 

                 Within a year, I went over double the views I had a year ago and it is just so amazing to watch the growth rapidly and fast. It is overwhelming but in the same way it makes me smile to see the growth but not only that, it's the feedback from you guys the greatest fans I have in the entire world. I appreciate the positive feedback given, I've not had any really negative feedback from you guys. When I said on social media 2018 is going to be the year for me in the way of success, I meant it and I think this year being in our 3rd month of 2018, I think it's been very successful so far as I people are reaching out to me to collaborate with me and other email which I cannot talk about until this is confirmed it is happening but I am excited to see what will happen for the remainder of this year. However please note that there is still plenty of 2018 left and lots of collaborations to come on the list and one interview as well but I am excited to what is to come. I've already been talking to the person about it and in their ear about hopefully Late April into May to record the podcast and get it out to you guys. I don't really know the schedule as of right now, but got a small idea how it will look but hopefully soon I can figure out the scheduling so this way I can bring it out to you guys soon.  Finally I am really proud on how far things have progressed and I am nothing but proud of the accomplishments I have made over the course of the last year and a half since doing everything on my own and I got no regrets doing things on my own with minimal to no help anymore and I am nothing but looking forward to the future.


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Survivor Heroes Vs. Healer Vs Hustlers & Everything About Reality TV Podcast

     I really been questioning Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers and when they will do an double episode, especially since it is near the end of the month to the final weeks of Survivor is on, I thought at this point, they would done one double episode this week or hopefully next week at the most there will be a double episode as clearly the season should be done by mid December. We only have about 4 weeks left not including this week whatsoever. Yes I am playing the numbers game and figuring out the math of the remaining castaways on the show to if it will be a final 2 or a final 3 situation for the finale. 

                I am wondering when the finale is as they have yet announced anything yet and usually at this point they have a Finale date set so I am for the most part questioning when finale will be taking place. I know my hiatus from recapping episodes till Late February is around the corner with off season podcasts also starting soon. This is the time where stress starts to higher then usual with finishing up podcasts for the Fall Programming for the podcast. I know we are currently at 10 castaways left in the game at this point and at least 5 weeks left they will indeed have to put a double elimination in there within 2 of those 5 weeks left but seems fishy it could be a late finale which would be Dec 20th but we will have to wait and see. 

                 Usually around this time of the year is when the finale date is out there to when it is so I am scratching my head on when it is. Usually we know when season finales are for reality TV shows at this point. I am not worried it comes out when it does, I will be letting you guys know when it is and hopefully have a schedule out for you guys on the Off Season Podcast when it comes out towards the end of the year. I know I sound annoyed, yes a bit, but I am more wondering when the season ends. Time will tell and trust me I cannot wait to see how this season turns out in the end game... I think I will be shocked but not shocked.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tentative Schedule for Winter 2017- Everything About Reality T.V. & CBOTW Gamers Podcast

This is a different post from the recent posts of negative things I posted up on this blog recently,but that is why I got this blog to rant, thoughts and happenings around Chris B On The Web. As you guys may have heard and if you have been keeping up with my Twitter posts I have been recently talking about Amazing Race 29 and with the announcement of Season 29 of The Amazing Race I sort of got an idea of when the podcasts will come out so here is a tentative two different schedule ideas for Everything About Reality TV- Winter 2017:

Plan A:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 


Plan B:

Sundays: 8 pm EST: CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Every First Sunday of The Month)

Thursdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV-  Big Brother Canada 5 (Unconfirmed)

Fridays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor 34 (Confirmed Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, Unsure on The Big Brother Canada Schedule yet)

Saturdays: 8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 (Confirmed April 21st, 2016) 

It is still unknown when Big Brother Canada is coming out but Amazing Race 29 is confirmed and CBOTW Gamers Podcast as well. It is sounding like I will have some time off between the end of Hell's Kitchen and the start of Survivor and Big Brother Canada so looks like CBOTW Gamers Podcast will be the only thing on the schedule. I hope by January to know what the timetable is for sure by sometime in January and I will write an update when I have a chance.

Until the next post, have a great Thursday!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016 & Podcast Update!

I will start with my Halloween 2016, it was good, I slept till 11 am this morning and was up since then and do not feel sleepy for some reason but I slept a majority of the night which is good now I am back to my old ways of being up past 1 am, almost 130 am EST! LOL. Anyways I am in good spirits and my spirits been up lately which I will get into a little into this post. I was thrilled that it is Halloween as because I usually hand out the candy and sometimes I dress up for Halloween but this year I didn't plus it was a bit nippy out. I spent sometime down in my office here and I nearly recorded the last of the podcasts that I am behind on but that's in the morning I will be spending an hour on that and posting it on up so I am ready for Thursday night on posting on time for once. But back to the Halloween evening I had, I had dinner, Chicken Cesar Salad which was really good! I spent a tad bit more time down here in my office then was upstairs and out on the front layered up as it was a tad nippy out at the start. Had 34 kids which isn't great amount this year compare to last year but every year it is different year by year! I did some writing in my book was on Facebook chatting with my friends and on Twitter of course seeing the craziness of the followers growing by the moment, got to interact with the kids and some of the parents. Had a few new ideas for the house for Halloween next year as well.  Took a picture which turned out so amazing: 

Afterwards I had a bit of candy left over, mainly M & M's Chocolate and Peanuts with Chocolate watched some YouTube video laid down hoping I'd sleep as I was feeling tired yet I am up writing this blog post for you guys right now. So from there I came back to my Studio to fiddle around and I decided it would be fun to do a chart and Graph of the podcast views! and as I went through each week with all 3 shows that I listed: Survivor: Millennials Vs GenX, Hell's Kitchen 16 & soon to be added to the list Masterchef Junior Season 5, I found out these Stats on the podcast: 

My Surprise was Hell's Kitchen has the edge by 6% but both of the Recaps within that podcast is doing extremely well  and I am eager to be adding in the 3rd Reality TV Show soon! What I am questioning is when Amazing Race 29 is coming out but we will wait and see when that comes out!

Have a great Night or Day!


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Changes and Twitter

Now first of all I havent posted up a blog in quite sometime as a lot has happened. First Twitter: Got into an arguement on Twitter and the next thing I know they are disliking my videos for no apparent reason so I decided thats it if people are going to be hateful I do not want anything to do with YouTube. Been dragged on long enough to the hate so I am now mainly focusing on Podcasting within and I will be adding Live Broadcasts via Ustream in the near future. Noticed in the last few days several people are unfollowing and refollowing so I will not tolerate that and just will not be following them anymore, simple as that.

Now today is Day 1 of 2 days of First Aid CPR training and I am very very excited but nervous in the same way but I am learning something new in the same way so it will be be fun. If I do not talk to you guys by end of the week I will write another blog by Saturday.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Everything About Reality TV's 1st Season Coming To A Close | The Entertainment Man Talk Show Season

Cannot believe the first Season of Everything About Reality TV is coming to an end. The first official season of the recap series has almost come to an end and has become a sensation on my YouTube channel! Cannot wait to premiere Season 2 on June 2nd, 2016 the day after Masterchef US airs! Season 2 will be recapping Masterchef US 7, BB US 18 & eventually Amazing Race Canada 4. This all started as a test run and ended up having support from Amazing Racers like Justin from #TheGreenTeam and Krista from #TheCheerleaders. I am blessed this series has quickly won over the amazing viewership on the YouTube community and my small YouTube community of 41 subscribers and climbing! 

Now with The Entertainment Man Talk Show, I can say I am ready to summon my camera crew and get filming the series as of tomorrow the set will be completed and ready for production in the week and a half from now. A lot of time, work and effort to the series has been put into the setup and planning, last things to do is finalize set, put the curtain decorations up, then the board and make sure its all setup and ready to go!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Website Been Down, Where I disappeared

I'm sorry guys, I've been rather secretive the last week... I've sequestered myself in the office trying to get the site back up and having to do so, I canceled 2 podcasts this week, The Chris Biscoe Podcast and CBOTW Reality TV Podcast the Tuesday edition. This week everything will be back to normal. My two twitch streams return as normally planned, The Chris Biscoe Podcast, both Tuesday an Friday editions of CBOTW Reality TV Podcast will return. Vlogs will be returning tonight, weekly update videos on Monday will be back too. As for The Live Page I will be working on chat Monday to fix staff and admin accounts properly, so some of you who are a regular mod will lose Moderator temporarily until I set you guys back on Mod.

Finally Happy Easter to you, hope you have a blessed and enjoyable Easter!