Thursday, June 23, 2016

Changes and Twitter

Now first of all I havent posted up a blog in quite sometime as a lot has happened. First Twitter: Got into an arguement on Twitter and the next thing I know they are disliking my videos for no apparent reason so I decided thats it if people are going to be hateful I do not want anything to do with YouTube. Been dragged on long enough to the hate so I am now mainly focusing on Podcasting within and I will be adding Live Broadcasts via Ustream in the near future. Noticed in the last few days several people are unfollowing and refollowing so I will not tolerate that and just will not be following them anymore, simple as that.

Now today is Day 1 of 2 days of First Aid CPR training and I am very very excited but nervous in the same way but I am learning something new in the same way so it will be be fun. If I do not talk to you guys by end of the week I will write another blog by Saturday.


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