Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Miss Broadcasting....

I sure as hell miss broadcasting and haven't casted in over a year since me being banned at JustcastLive.TV. Just lost interest and plus banned on Vaughnlive, IVlog and YouLiveNow, I got nowhere to go at this point of time. Except Hangouts which I do not wanna go live much due to the fact it goes over to my YouTube channel so I am not live as much as I wanna be with my spare time... Facebook Live has sprung up so maybe a few smaller casts via my cell here and there but other then that its only me recording on Hangouts when scheduled. Right now I am on the Off Peak Season and awaiting for the next season. So I am extremely bored. 

Now all of you guys are going to ask me what about gaming? Hitbox? Twitch? Well Twitch I got Strike 3 with them, so I am now banned from the site, well my account but I will not be making a new account and a few people I do not like and were extremely rude., well according to a few on Twitter a lot of drama and thats not what I am about, I am about having fun., I was hacked again and again, so I have given up on them. Finally hitbox, I am having troubled staying on air no matter how I change the resolution, bitrate, frame rate it will knock me off the air so Hitbox is pretty well shitbox... 

I'd like to cast again but like I said I am banned from pretty well every site, I do not like UStream/LiveStream at all, Ustream's chat sucks and a banned user doesn't stay banned which sucks! It is only 24 hours. Livestream you gotta apply which is for free for more viewers but been denied it many many times and to get listed which is utter crap!


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