Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Was The Entertainment Man Talk Show A Quit?

Obviously I am writing this on the train heading home from my day trip in Toronto. Now you all are wondering after the struggle in the last year and a half with the series, was it a quit? Well yes... I had no other choice to end it or in your view as a reader of the blog, it was a quit. Now reason behind it was the struggle with the staff drama it just drove me absolutely nuts. Once Larry quit I did have an alternate plan which was Eric until he quit on me officially over me having odd feelings and concerns. Then the icing on the cake was Sarah getting fired a day or so after hiring her on as staff of my website. So the answer to the series ending abruptly is yes it was a quit and I have no regrets whatsoever at all of it ending and with me walking away. Made the final decision for me and me only.


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