Tuesday, May 3, 2016

1000 Blog Views! and Climbing!

First I ever thought, this blog wouldn't get any views at all.... But nooo over the course of having this blog December 26th, 2015 of last year which isn't that long ago pretty much almost 6 months to be exact I have reached 1053 views, maybe more then I thought. But I am very very proud of how hard I worked on the website, the blog and YouTube all in one shot... I don't blog daily but sometimes a few times a week, but hope to start blogging more as Everything About Reality TV is closing down for 2 weeks before the summer season starts up. But anyways I am not one to give up on what I believe with this website.... I may of lost Eric, Sarah and Larry but Larry has given me insight on what I should do with the channel and that I should focus on Everything About Reality TV more and I am just going to do that... In between obviously working on The Entertainment Man Talk Show Finale I am busy as ever can be... 

One thing I remember I got very little in views at the start, but climbed to double digits as I went on... The most I think I had once was the blog post entitled Done With Ex Girlfriends....  My blog is for daily rants, or thoughts of the day and I want to do more with this blog and going to make 10 - 15 minutes of my time and blog more cause I wanna write what I am feeling and it seems to help me bring out my thoughts and ideas as well!

Again Thank you to you all for the love and support over the last while, I am greatly appreciative of all your support over this long span of time.


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