Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 is The Year of Success!

              I was reminded by my friend Dave, that I've been on a crazy adventure, from YouTube to the Audio ONLY Podcasts and this has been a dream of mine which has truly become a dream come true and I am doing something I am very passionate about and I can consider myself a super fan of Reality Television as I live and breathe it each and every week especially with me doing recaps several times a week and who'd think it would become very popular. I do got plans for the fall, adding another TV Show to the list of the recaps but that is for later on to add. This year so far has been so successful in the last year and 5 months of the podcast running on Audio ONLY, it is so surreal to watch a podcast become a success, not only the podcast but the blog posts and interviews I have done with people, it's become such a wild and crazy adventure but I love every moment of doing it. 

                 Within a year, I went over double the views I had a year ago and it is just so amazing to watch the growth rapidly and fast. It is overwhelming but in the same way it makes me smile to see the growth but not only that, it's the feedback from you guys the greatest fans I have in the entire world. I appreciate the positive feedback given, I've not had any really negative feedback from you guys. When I said on social media 2018 is going to be the year for me in the way of success, I meant it and I think this year being in our 3rd month of 2018, I think it's been very successful so far as I people are reaching out to me to collaborate with me and other email which I cannot talk about until this is confirmed it is happening but I am excited to see what will happen for the remainder of this year. However please note that there is still plenty of 2018 left and lots of collaborations to come on the list and one interview as well but I am excited to what is to come. I've already been talking to the person about it and in their ear about hopefully Late April into May to record the podcast and get it out to you guys. I don't really know the schedule as of right now, but got a small idea how it will look but hopefully soon I can figure out the scheduling so this way I can bring it out to you guys soon.  Finally I am really proud on how far things have progressed and I am nothing but proud of the accomplishments I have made over the course of the last year and a half since doing everything on my own and I got no regrets doing things on my own with minimal to no help anymore and I am nothing but looking forward to the future.


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