Friday, March 2, 2018

Everything About Reality TV/Blog Fri. Mar 2nd, 2018 - Sun. Mar 4th, 2018 Schedule

           I realize things went fast and the furious last night here at Chris B On The Web Studio and just got news, I will happen to be away from the studio all day and unable to do the Big Brother Canada 6 Cast Preview until Sunday evening, so I am making a couple of changes to the schedule for today, tomorrow and Sunday and you can find this information down below:

Friday (Today):

11 am EST: Everything About Reality TV, Survivor Game Changers EP # 1 & 2 RECAP
1 pm EST: This exact blog post goes up! (LOL!!!!)

Saturday (Tomorrow):

1 pm EST: Another blog post goes up on the website.


1 pm EST: Blog Post Goes up on the website
9 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada 6 Cast Preview

               I know this is a shorter blog post then usual but there is the schedule over the course of the next few days and what to expect on in the way of content and I am excited to catch up with the podcasts after my little adventure tomorrow with one of my former Alumni and good friends. I will try post up a blog tomorrow morning before I leave for the day. Hope you guys enjoy your Friday and Happy TGIF!


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