Thursday, March 1, 2018

Will There Be An Amazing Race 31?

             I talked about this on the Season 30 finale of The Amazing Race Podcast, but since the season has concluded, I have done some research on this and it is not looking too good for another season, but my thoughts alone, I think their will be another season, as they did not say that Season 30 was the final season so I am guessing there will be a 31st season, plus the ratings were up this season which is great! It is a much improvement, from the last few seasons so that is one positive thing to say about the show I've been watching since the Family edition when I discovered The Amazing Race, from a good friend of mine. Sp I can see them doing another season as long as the network (CBS) wants to renew the series, after all it is up to them if they want to bring it on another season. 

               Another point I would like make is you would think that they would do a final send off season for the series, they would of announced it if it was going to be cancelled or the series was to wrap up after an amazing run at the series. So this could be open doors or this series could also continue on if the ratings continue to show progress. However we do not know the fate of the series right now as there has been no announcement on it's renewal but I am very optimistic of it returning for a 31st season, especially on a great season where the ratings are went up 47% if I am correct on the statistics. What kind of season would I like to see? Well obviously a Unfinished Business as All Stars was in the 24 and I feel like it is too soon for another All-Stars, however an Unfinished Business Season is quite a possibility if the producers decide to go this way, you never know but I am excited to see what their plans are for a Season 31 of The Amazing Race and I plan on actually covering it if renewed, I will have plans to cover it once again. 


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