Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Update On My Situation On My Glasses

           So I know I may have gone a tad over board with the post the other day but there is an update and it is a positive update for once and it is actually good news I got on the home front this time around. As you know my new glasses dilemma and I went full out complaining about it but that's all changed and I got some news I would like to share in this blog post. 

            The money has gone through for my new glasses and I am actually excited to now be going to get my new glasses and to do away with this pair of glasses I got right now as I said it falls apart from time to time but I am ready for a new pair of glasses as I want glasses that actually function. Now what do they look like? It is hard to explain without showing a picture to you guys but it is silver frames, they are frameless at the bottom but their are frame at the top of the lenses, so partial frames, like I said it is hard to explain without showing you a picture of it which at this moment, I do not have a picture of it but I will be sure and I am sure I will have a picture of me wearing em on Instagram at some point when I get them. Now am I excited for my new pair of glasses? Of course! It was over due as in the last 2 years my glasses showed it's wear and tear and I am sure due for a new pair. What I am the most excited about this new pair of glasses is the fact I will have the transitional lens which means it will transition with the brightness outside aka the sun when it is sun, so my glasses will transition into sunglasses when I am outside. 

              So in conclusion to today's blog post everything did work out in the end and I need to be more on the positive side and with a bit of communication, everything worked out with a bit of communication with my social worker at Disability and my parents were there to help and really went to bat for me as this went beyond ridiculous and finally this is going to be settled once and for all. I am excited to share with you guys when I get my new glasses and pictures and trust me I will be blogging this exciting change in my life and I am going to try remain more positive in my posts as I haven't positive this week much.

Have a great day!


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