Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Favorite Kind of Smoothie I Like To Make

             First of all I apologize for the 2 rant posts back to back but today's blog post is more in the positive side of things, I will be talking about some of my favorite smoothies I like to make and trust me I like a lot of recipes I have done in the past year and I will share them with you today on this post, so without further ado, here is my favorite smoothie recipes:

1) Banana, Orange & Pineapple: The was the first recipe I used for my smoothies and found it really, really good but I got sick of the same recipe that is why I eventually changed the recipe around, but this is a good recipe if you enjoy the tropically kind of drinks. 

2) Banana, Orange, Pineapple & Strawberry: Decided to add strawberry to the recipe and I am a big strawberry fan and always eat it when we buy it at the store or from the local farm.

3) Banana, Orange, Strawberry & Blueberry: Ok on this recipe I felt really uneasy about adding blueberries and the outer part but I consider it as roughage and just deal with it. 

                Those are the 3 favorite recipes I like to make here at home or picking one up at the local smoothie stand at the mall if I am out and about for the day. But if I make it at home, I add to the recipe vanilla yogurt and also ice cubes to it, but if I do not have yogurt here in the house, I add some milk as the base to the smoothie and it works out really well. I know yogurt has good things in it and also gets rid of the nasty bacteria in your body, plus good when you are on a diet, like I am doing right now trying to lose the weight I wanna lose. Also it is very tasty in a smoothie or on it's own. 


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